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Governor Walker and the Jobs Reports

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So an Extremist, Leftist, Pro-Public Union blogger asked this question and I didn’t change any words or alter it, this is his quote unquote words!


“Hey Randy, when are you going to write a blog entry criticizing Gov. Walker for the months upon months of job losses we’ve endured in Wisconsin?


After all, Gov. Walker promised he’d create jobs in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin ranks last in the nation in job creation over the past year.


I ask that question (which admittedly is a bit off topic) because it’s part of a larger observation I’ve made about you, which is that you’re fond of attacking liberals and accusing us of not living in the real world (as if you’re somehow superior), yet I have yet to witness you write a critical word about Gov. Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin.”


Remember this:


Wisconsin moved up four spots in Chief Executive Magazine’s best states for business survey.


The state was ranked in 20th place, up four spots from last year and 20 spots since 2008.  As he faces his looming recall election, Gov. Scott Walker said that the survey showed he was changing the business climate in the state. 


"When I took office last year, I focused on helping the people of the state, the private sector, create jobs,” Walker said in a statement.  “We’ve done that by balancing our state budget without tax increases, enacting pro-growth initiatives to improve Wisconsin’s overall business climate and reforming our tax, regulatory and litigation processes.”


Now the lefty pouncing is based on this MJS article ‘State posts largest percentage job loss in U.S. over past year


            Wisconsin is the only state in the nation that had "statistically significant" job losses over the past 12 months, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The state lost 23,900 jobs from March 2011 to March 2012.


The majority - 17,800 - were government jobs.  But Wisconsin also lost more private-sector jobs - 6,100 - than any other state over those same 12 months, the government data shows.



Let’s do the job the MJS (in the pocket of the left) didn’t and do some Math!  You know I love math and math scares the left.  Before the math, notice the majority of job loss was in the public sector, which in itself is a good thing.  Walker didn't lay off any public workers.


Don’t forget the Democrats blocking jobs, the mining in northern Wisconsin!!!


Don’t forget the left in NOT allowing Governor Walker to govern with all of this recall stuff and keeping Wisconsin hostage because they lost the 2010 elections and want a do over.  Remember the recall of Scott Walker began the day after he won the 2010 election.  Well before the Act 10 and Act 35 was even talked about.


Are you sheeple to follow the meme that Walker is dividing Wisconsin when it really is the left and the PUP and NOT Walker and the Republicans!


We should remember, we have (statewide) one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.  Unemployment is above 8%, Wisconsin is 6.8%.  U.S. growth is below the population growth rate, Wisconsin's is consistent with it.

Now, go the very top, under the "Labor Force Data" and click the little green dinosaur next to the "employment" listing.  Once this new page comes up, go to the bottom table of the page (where the table is with the actual numbers).  Look at the "Employment" column with the numbers.  Look at what is listed for "employment" for March 2012 verses March 2011. 


You will see this is Wisconsin employment data SEASONABLY ADJUSTED.  Now, go to the bottom and you will see the following:

March 2011 - 2,838,145

March 2012 - 2,856,643

Subtract and you will see an INCREASE or 18,498 jobs.




This is a total INCREASE in state employment, including farm jobs, of 18,498.




Bureau of Labor Statistics: Wisconsin has 18,498 more people employed from March 2011 to March 2012.  MJS has it wrong when it said Wisconsin lost 23,900 jobs in the last year as of March 2012 (on a seasonally adjusted basis).


The details by sector show that Government jobs went down 18,000, construction down 9,000 (the effects of the 2009 stimulus spending falling off the chart), but manufacturing up by 6,000 and education and health up by 8,000.


The state of Wisconsin, with government workers excluded from the job cuts has grown in this economy if you take Milwaukee out of the picture. 


BTW, who is Milwaukee’s Mayor and person responsible for jobs in Milwaukee?  Oh that’s right Mayor Tom "The Taxer" Barrett the man trying to unseat Walker and run the state.  4400 of these jobs were lost in Milwaukee under Barrett’s watch!!!


Tom "The Taxer" Barrett in office 8 years, Obama 3-1/2 years, Walker 1 year and yet the Democrats and Liberals can only find the blame in Walker??  Funny isn’t it???  But par for the course. 


Are Wisconsinites better off now than they were before Walker took over as Governor?  Most Wisconsin residents would answer with a resounding YES!!!!


Any questions?


Oh yeah lefties, now prove to me that I am wrong (with references of course).


In doing so answer and use these:


1. Was Doyle better or worse than Walker regarding jobs?

2. Please provide an equal critique of Obama

3. Offer your PLAN or alternative SOLUTION, instead of liberal whining rhetoric.


Any takers?





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