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Former Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue Involved in Some Controversy in Wautoma

2012 Election, McCue, Wautoma, GAB

From Fox11



WAUTOMA - Some "You Decide" controversy is coming out of Wautoma.  It's about a list of write-in candidates.


The list was on display at a polling place Tuesday.


One person in the race is calling foul.


John Nixon says he ran as a write-in candidate for city council in the newly formed second district.


No one had filed the paperwork on time to appear on the ballot.


However, Nixon says when he went to vote he found the name of his opponent, Trevor Diedrick, on a list of possible write-in candidates.


Nixon says such a list makes it appear the city is endorsing Diedrick's campaign.


Now Nixon wants the Government Accountability Board and the Waushara County District Attorney to investigate.


“You can't endorse anybody.  That's like putting a Mitt Romney sign or an Obama sign in front of the counter saying this is who you should vote for.  It's just endorsing something.  Especially if you have it as an ‘Official City of Wautoma Candidates.’  Everybody is going to assume this is the person the city endorses,” said Nixon.



FOX 11 contacted the GAB.  The board told us, if poll workers are asked they are allowed to tell voters who the write-in candidates are.  But the GAB says a list should not be posted.


“When we became aware of the situation we contacted the officials and they took corrective action.  We're just interested in making sure things are correct, and they corrected them in a timely manner,” said GAB spokesman Reid Magney.


Wautoma City Administrator Ryan McCue did not want to talk to us on camera.  McCue told FOX 11 he provided the list, but he says he did nothing wrong.


As far as the write-in race, there was a three-way tie.


Nixon says Diedrick was declared the winner late Wednesday afternoon, when his name was picked out of a hat.


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