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What Was That - I Took a Pay Cut Because of Act 10

Public Sector Unions, PUP, Act 10, Taxes

Well, my former friend told me while he was still speaking to me that his wife has had a pay freeze for a few years because she didn’t have a new contract! 


(Remember that comment and item I blew out of the water? 

If you forgot click here This Goes Out To The Public State Workers In The PUP!)


So now that brings us to his assertion of Act 10 was a pay cut for his wife. 


YES a pay cut he told me! 


No it isn't a pay cut.  Again - Not a pay cut. 


When the private sector cannot afford new taxes and sees a pay cut not a pay freeze


Who pays you?  Where does the money come from?


The state!


No the taxpayers!


Second, the Public Sector Workers didn’t get a 70% pay cut.  In fact NO pay was cut!  They are paying more for their own benefits.  Just because the check is lower doesn’t mean it is a pay cut.  If I have child support taken out and the check is lower is that a pay cut?  Just because my employer isn’t picking up the whole tab for my health club membership and I have to pay towards it doesn’t mean I had a pay cut.  


Third, pay cuts of 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50% happens all the time in the private sector.


My wife took a 25% pay cut for one year or it was layoff people.  This was non-union and the workers would rather have a job then not.


So the truth is it was not a pay cut!  Plain and simple!  Now, the take home will be less, so what is direct deposited is less, but her pay per hour (her pay rate) hasn’t changed so no pay cut!


Also remember this?


Where does the money to pay Public Sector Workers come from?


Well, I was told, I have a Master’s Degree, I deserve more pay or I have an Advanced Degree so what pay I get, had better be more!


Does it sound like entitlement?


Does it sound like they are a positive person?


Just because you have a degree, does that automatically mean you have to get paid more?


Does it matter if the city, county or state paid for the degree?


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