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Where is the John Doe on This?

2012 Election, MPS, Protest, Public Sector Unions, PUP, Scott Walker, tom Barrett, Recall, Wisconsin

Emails from Barrett's wife violated MPS policy


Tom Barrett, a Democrat who is running against Republican Gov. Scott Walker in a June 5 recall election, noted during a campaign stop Monday that the emails had nothing to do with his current campaign.


Two of the three emails were sent in March 2011 to state Sen. Spencer Coggs and Rep. Tamara Grigsby, calling for them to vote against legislation that curtailed collective bargaining for most public workers.


"Keep up the good fight.  We are all under attack," one of the emails says.


The third email sent to five email addresses in February 2011 seeks help "getting the word out" about an effort against Rep. Jeff Stone's campaign for Milwaukee County executive.


"The more people we get to protest, the better," the email says.  "Everyone who can should try to come."


BTW – Tom “The Taxer” Barrett this is about the recall election since it was about Collective Bargaining and THAT is what all the crying, jumping up and down and this recall is all about! 


Also Tom “The Taxer” Barrett the John Doe investigation that a Walker former aide from his Milwaukee County Executive campaign was also not this campaign right?


So I would like to know when the investigation is going to happen and charges as well.


Isn’t this the same as what happen with Darlene Wink?


Oh that is right, it is a Liberal doing it and Tom “The Taxer” Barrett is running against Walker in the recall, so nothing is going to happen!  Besides, I would say 80% of those in the PUP (Public Union Party) have used their public email like this!


 Theft of time is theft of time on the public dime!

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