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From Scott - Independent Economists Agree, New Jobs Numbers Far More Accurate

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Recently released job numbers from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development show a vastly different story than previously reported.  This morning the department released to the public the exact same numbers that they sent to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the quarterly revision of the monthly surveys.

These numbers, without a doubt, sent the liberal left and their milquetoast candidate failed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett into a tailspin.  While they are hollering from the rooftops to anyone that will listen that the “books are being cooked” and that these numbers must be a fallacy, experts agree, the numbers released today are far more accurate.

It is being reported by the Associated Press that independent economists, not affiliated with Wisconsin’s state government or the Walker campaign resoundingly state that the numbers released today are far more accurate a reflection of the actual job total for 2011.  The article can be read here, and states the following in the last paragraph of the piece, “University of Wisconsin-Madison economist Andrew Reschovsky says the data is more accurate.  Wells Fargo Fund Management economist Brian Jacobsen agrees.”  As an aside, Mr. Reschovsky was also a campaign contributor to failed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett during the 2010 election cycle.

These numbers are a true reflection of the jobs outlook in the state of Wisconsin.  The previously released monthly estimates are just that, estimates.  The surveys that have been highlighted in the past only showcase responses from 3.5 percent of job creators.  The numbers released to the public and the federal government today is based on actual responses from over 160,000 employers, or roughly 96 percent of job creators.

The release from the Department of Workforce Development, which can be read here, allows for the previously incorrect reporting to be updated and shows that during 2011, Wisconsin job creators actually added 23,321 jobs to the state.  This is a far cry from the previously released estimates that showed job loss during the governor’s first year in office.

As two-time statewide loser Tom Barrett and his lackeys at the Democrat Party of Wisconsin search in vain for a counter to these claims, the people of the Badger state can rest assured that under the leadership of Governor Scott Walker Wisconsin is Moving Forward.

Nathan Conrad
Deputy Communications Director
Friends of Scott Walker


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