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Cudahy Alderman Jason Litkowiec Complains About a Pro-Walker Sign!

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Cudahy Alderman Jason Litkowiec files complaint with city over taxpayer's Pro-Walker Sign!


Not a surprise that Liberal Pro-Union Alderman Jason Litkowiec is upset about a Pro-Walker Sign.  He signed the recall for Walker.


And NO, I guess Alderman Jason Litkowiec doesn’t have anything better to do!


Of course when former Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue’s sign was found in violation did Alderman Jason Litkowiec complain?  Hint, Hint (He was a McCue supporter)


Wonder if he would have complained if it was a “Recall Walker” sign?


I again bring up:


Questions about Signing the Walker Recall


Cudahy Alderman Jason Litkowiec:


Since Cudahy Alderman Jason Litkowiec is on the Personnel Committee and signed the Walker recall does that play any bearing on his role in/on City Personnel Contracts?


Do you think he should be kept on the Personnel Committee?


Is it an ethical conflict of interest?


Come on former Alderman Tom Pavlic and run against Alderman Jason Litkowiec!


Remember I told everyone Alderman Jason Litkowiec needs to go!


I'm Not Being Negative!  I'm Being Honest!


Alderman Jason Litkowiec needs to go.  If you claim you cannot trust the voters what are you doing to make the voters not trust you or maybe it is you that are/would be wrong and the voters got/get it right.



Original sign


Adjusted sign

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