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Voter ID

2012 Election, Photo ID, Voter ID

Let’s talk frankly about Voter ID.  People on the left hate it and those of us on the right champion it.


I read a comment that at first made me laugh and then I thought about it and was truly saddened by it.  Not just in how much it is flawed, but this person cannot see what is wrong.


Here is the statement.


  “I think there is voter fraud in Russia and other nations, so I guess you are right as always.  But the ID still does not stop voter fraud.  I don't think that obtaining a fake ID is the toughest thing to do especially with the internet.  If somebody wants to do it, there is not much to stop them.”


While they are correct to one degree, voter fraud will never be stopped by just an ID, it is the first step.


Second, from what is stated, I draw they don’t think voter fraud is happening in Wisconsin.


So, lets us an analogy.


We will say that do you leave your car unlocked or do you lock it?  If a criminal wants to steal something they will break-in with or without your car being locked, however let’s make it hard for the common person or kid to just open an unlocked car.  Make them go through the first hoop or either smashing a window or getting a jimmy stick (which can be easily found on the Internet).  Well, most of us still lock our car doors and house doors but why should we?  Glass breaks so easily and what kind of deterrent is that?


Let’s talk about those fake IDs.  The cheap and easy ones don’t have the correct picture or address most voter fraud people would want.  These are IDs that look close enough and many of them have out of state addresses.


Second, as part of the Immigration and terrorism reforms, Wisconsin’s IDs are going to be meeting tougher rules and have anti-counterfeiting measures in place.  Making it harder and harder to just make fake ones.  And it isn’t just our state, all 50 states are doing this.


Third, making fake IDs is an illegal act in itself so let’s go after them for making them, selling them and buying them more than we are now!


Forth, an ID would stop someone from voting and noticing their neighbor didn’t vote and calling up a friends and saying, “Hey I noticed my neighbor didn’t vote yet and I know his address and full name so I need you to come and say you are him and vote.  Every vote matters and we just need to win at all costs!”


I think the person who made the comment just doesn’t support Voter ID and no matter what will come up with excuse after excuse as to why we shouldn’t do it, after all it doesn’t stop completely voter fraud so why have it. 


The condom is not 100% neither is the pill!


Why do we teach all people since 100% of them will not learn?


Why carry car or home insurance it doesn’t cover all things?


Why get the flu shot it only protects against 4 or 5 types of flu strains?


Why lock your car or house, I person who wants something bad enough will do whatever it takes for it?


Why brush your teeth when toothpaste will not guaranty you will not have issues?


I just wonder if this same person would support Internet/Online voting since the left touts that as being fair and easy.  Because there would be no voter fraud there right and anyways show me where our Founding Fathers said voting had to be easy!


Why do we keep track of who votes anyways, isn’t just keeping track a burden?


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