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Cudahy Alderman Jason Litkowiec Responds

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I am writing this email hopefully to clarify or provide some answers to a few of the rumors, innuendos, hearsay or just flat out falsehoods expressed or implied by some members of the blog.  I call them such because only constituents and other concerned citizens who have called me, emailed me or stopped me at ANY time or at ANY function (personal or private) have asked my opinions on several of these and other issues that were of interest to them.  My answers to those questions or concerns remained consistent (whether it was or was not what they wanted to hear).  I may also add that out of all the people who may have ever contacted me in person or by other means, they have all introduced themselves or left names, numbers or emails to reach them at.  And for anybody who NEVER knew where I stood could always have reached me either in person, by phone or by email.  But I guess it is easier to make up one's own story then to contact me for my side of it.


1. Although I am a frequent reader of the blog, neither myself or my wife have a blog account or ever had one.  I prefer the telephone or to speak in person versus ripping on people or ideas all while using an alias.  It just leads to out ripping the other members.  I can honestly say that the only 2 members with the stones to use their real names have been Randy Hollenbeck and City Accountant Bruce S.  If I forgot any others who do not hide behind a screen name I sincerely apologize as you should get credit too.


2. The last time I officially spoke to Ryan McCue was at his victory/consolation party at Pinter's.  (not counting him being in the audience at our St.Patty's Day show downtown this year).  He said hello and I showed him our set list.  I don't email him, don't know his number and don't know his address.


3. I have never been in favor or an advocate for a part time mayor and full time city administrator either on the record or off the record.


    A. Repeated this sentiment to numerous callers, a couple school board members and other members of the council.


    B. It did seem rushed and had too many intangibles that could not be explained.  e.g.. wages and predicted savings by having this economic guru.


    C. Would probably end up being a resume builder for someone until the next big thing came along.


    D. Alderperson Mary Schissel ALONG WITH MYSELF questioned the hastiness and vagueness of the concept at a past council meeting on record in open session.


    E. For some bogus reason (bad housing market, kids need to finish at their school, family getting harassed, got to do away with residency to get the best possible candidate for the job, etc.)  The person getting the job probably wouldn't live or want to live in The City of Cudahy. 


Ask anybody who has asked my opinion on residency or a member of The Police or Fire Unions' Bargaining Team what I feel about residency.  And I quote “My circle goes from Lunham to College and from Pennsylvania to as far east as you want to go."


    G. Any further question call me or email me.


4. The Walker For Governor sign on College Avenue was brought to Inspector Joe Zsebe's attention by me on behalf of two 4th District residents (while I was cutting my grass, which falls under contact me ANYTIME, ANYWHERE) who wished to remain anonymous.  One the resident's spoke to Ins. Zsebe earlier in the day before I needed to speak to Joe about a grass and garbage complaint completely unrelated.  So the letter that Mr. Page received has me listed as the complainant as to keep the 2 residents anonymous.  Mr. Page and I spoke on the phone about this issue and he knows and was verified by the Inspection Dept. that I acted on behalf of citizen complainants.  Any and ALL complaints or concerns needing to be checked out have my name listed as the complainant to protect the complainant from possible retaliation (unless the complainant wants their name on file, I haven't had one yet that wanted to be listed on the complaint).  So I get the finger when they drive past my house.


  I could care less about the sign or any other sign (unless obscene or unfit for public viewing) for that matter.  I drive past a sign that reads “I Stand With Walker" at least 5 times a week minimum while picking up my kids since about Christmas.  The sign is technically too big, poorly constructed and at one time illuminated.  All against code.  But guess what...  I could care less about the sign.  If their neighbors don't mind looking at the sign neither do I.  I could have had the sign taken down 5 months ago and squashed their right to free speech and choice of candidate.  Not my style.  The sign still stands to this day.  In fact if you could get Sidello to cover the west side of his building at 3545 E. Layton with about 20 Big Sportsman for Walker signs it would be a 200% improvement over the current condition of that wall!


5. Yes I am a Local 601 Steamfitter.  A working member, not an elected representative of my Union.  This has never once caused a conflict of interest in the way I represent the Taxpayers or City of Cudahy while dealing in both financial or personnel issues.  When running for the Office I knew, understood and accepted the fact that I would now be wearing a different hat and be on the other side of the table.  I can honestly say and ask for proof if called a liar, that I have always put the Taxpayer and City's interest first and foremost in all my personnel matters!


    A. I have voted numerous times to subcontract jobs such as grass cutting and snow plowing.


    B. Voted for awarding construction and service contracts to non - union companies.


    C. An impartial union member voted to do options A&B because it was presented as the most fiscally responsible option for the Taxpayer... not my fellow "brethren" that I am allegedly out to protect and serve first and foremost.  I believe their words were sold the union down the river!


    D. Any questions on how I represented the city in negotiations feel free to ask Ald. Mary Schissel, Chief Poellot, Chief Mayer, Battalion Chief Posda, Carolyn Toms- Neary or Atty. Rob Mulcahy with Michael Best & Friedrich.  You could also ask City Accountant Bruce Schuknecht how I performed and how much was saved by using myself as head negotiator along with the above mentioned members of our team.  With virtually no attorney fees.  I may also add the sessions were both productive and amicable on both sides of the table, thus keeping the attorneys out of the picture.


6. Feel free to contact me with any further questions, cares or concerns that you may have or ideas that you want to share with me.


Thank You and Sincerely


Jason Litkowiec


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