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What Didn't Happen!

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As we sit here waiting for this recall election to be over (I want to remind everyone this started not because of Act 10, but because Walker won in 2010) let’s look at some of the sky is falling items.


Massive layoffs and firings – You might have heard people say this “He'll do that when his actual budget comes out later in the year” or “His budget just pushes everything to the local level, where they will do the dirty work of firing and laying off for him, while he'll proclaim he saved jobs”.  Well that didn’t happen now did it?


He destroyed the unions – Act 10 has been around for almost a year and the unions are still here.


He destroyed the schools – Act 10 has been around for almost a year and the schools that are using Act 10 are in better shape than ever.


Class sizes will double – Sizes are about the same in fact lower in the some of the schools that used Act 10 and those that didn’t use Act 10, well the sizes did go up in some cases.  Wasn’t it for the kids?  So if the schools that did lower the size used Act 10, then Act 10 is better for the kids right?


State Union workers will leave to the private sector – Even my former friend’s wife I think is still employed by the state.


So many teachers will leave that schools will close – Nope didn’t happen and isn’t that a tad bit pompous?  Anyone can be replaced!  We still are graduating teachers right?


The non-WEA Trust insurance will suck and cost more – Nope same or better coverage for less!


Scott Walker is taking my pension – Nope not going to happen.  He cannot as it is against federal law and shame on the union for pushing that lie.


You really have to think about your unions when they peddle such lies, do you want to be part of something that lies like that.  If they lie to you about something like that what else are they capable of?


Act 10 will not stand up in court and will be struck down – It did and is Constitutional unlike ObamaCare which will be struck down!  So ObamaCare was not the template now was it? 


Ahhhhhhh……………… plunk.

It Fell.


The public unions are dead set against what he did and will vote against him, regardless of whether it was the right thing for Wisconsin

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