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Let's Talk About the Cry-Bullies the Unionistas

2012 Election, Act 10, Democrats, Liberals, Public Sector Unions, PUP, Recall, Scott Walker, tom Barrett

Let’s remember this recall started with Walker winning the election in 2010 and NOT with Act 10.  Act 10 just got the rank and file Public Sector Workers to fall in line with the union bosses wishes.


Now Walker didn’t divide Wisconsin or start all the protests.  That was the crybaby Public Sector Workers doing the bidding of their union bosses.


They threw temper tantrums and acted like spoiled brats all because Governor Walker and the Legislatures made them pay a small portion towards their own pension and health care benefits.


So fast forward to last month and Tom “The Taxer” Barrett calls all of this a civil war and he and he alone can heal it.


Let’s look at that reasoning - Tom “The Taxer” Barrett feels if he wins the war will end.  Why would it end, because the left and all the Cry-Bullies would get their way. 


See the only way the left will stop this is if they win!  They will not stop until they do.  They will keep throwing temper tantrums after temper tantrums until they get their way. 


Here is where we cannot just roll over and give in.  We must be the parents and correct these misbehaving brats.  We cannot reward them for misbehavior, but need to do the hard tough right thing.




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