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Guest Blog Paul B - Walker and Barrett Comparison

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In case you have ideas about voting for Barrett, you should take the time to read, side by side, a comparison between Walker and Barrett.


Should he (Barrett) be elected to replace Scott Walker you can see what you will be able to expect.


Also, regardless of how you feel about Scott Walker and unions, if you want recalls of this kind to continue an infinitum, then a Barrett win will insure that they will continue because it will breathe new life into the special interests such as outside national labor unions (especially public employee unions) for ALL the foreseeable future. 


If you want an honest government I encourage you to vote for Scott Walker.


If you want a government lead by, and full of people such as those who have been using every underhanded and deceitful practice (for the past 1 1/2 years) to get what they want by hook or crook and who are responsible for wasting $20,000,000 of our tax dollars for this unnecessary election, then vote for Barrett and prepare for a huge tax increase.!




Comparing Records:


Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett



Governor Walker:


 Eliminated the $3.6 billion inherited Budget deficit


  Signed a budget with a permanent tax freeze and in doing so the overall tax levy went down by $47 million, the first reduction in six years.


  Responsible reforms led to the first reduction for the average property taxpayer in over a decade.


  Reforms have saved tax payers and job creators more than a billion dollars.


  Created more than 34,000 new jobs since taking office, lowering the state’s unemployment to 6.8 percent, a three year low.


Some Key Bills and reforms that affect the Building Industry that have been signed in the last year:


  Wetland and Water permitting reforms


  Reform of the Uniform Dwelling Code Council to have more industry representation

  Regulatory reform: Limits on building code changes and other administrative rules

  Tort reform: Limits on lawsuits, including caps on punitive damages and standard rules for expert witnesses”


  Eliminated farmland conversion fee


Permanent freeze on property taxes


  Elimination of prevailing wage on residential developments


  A truly-balanced budget that doesn’t put off problems into the future or raid segregated funds for things like building permit fees


  More options for members and municipalities to finance infrastructure


  Restrictions on local landlord-tenant ordinances


Mayor Barrett:


  While in the State Assembly voted to increase taxes on Wisconsin taxpayers by more than a billion dollars.


  Pledged to turn back the clock on property owners by rescinding the property tax freeze implemented last year.


  As Mayor, Tom Barrett has raised property taxes every year for a total increase of

24.62 percent.


  Has promised to increase taxes on job creators.


  The unemployment rate has rose to 28 percent in Milwaukee under Mayor Barrett


  Supported a series of mandates on local construction projects that increased costs


  Was a supporter of Assembly Bill 472, legislation that would prohibit real estate licensees from giving opinions of value, except for establishing a listing price, unless they held an appraiser’s license/certification.


  Supported a landlord licensing ordinance that requires owners of rental property to register property and pay new fees.


  Refused to make a pledge to not impose or support a sales tax on real estate commissions or commercial leases.


  Refused to make a pledge not to increase the real estate transfer tax.


  Supported changing the uniformity clause to provide property tax relief to only targeted property owners.


  Supports having the Natural Resources Board appoint the DNR Secretary   Opposed increasing the federal tax deduction for health savings accounts.


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