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Now this is What Democracy Looks Like - Conservatism Won and Liberalism Lost!

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I’m not the kind of guy to sugarcoat things and as you’ve seen, that sometimes gets me in trouble, but I’ll be brutally honest here.


The silent majority was heard!


Yes, 1 down 4 to go. 


Obamacare in June will be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.


Obama will lose in November.


Republicans with win the vacant Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat in November


And the Wisconsin Republicans will hold a good majority of the Wisconsin Senate after picking up seats in the November election.


All of that thanks to waking up the silent majority with this recall. 


This recall election win is "a ghost of Christmas Future" for Wisconsin Liberal Democrats.


This win was a MANDATE from the people to Governor Walker!  In fact thanks to the Liberals, EVERY conservative governor now has one!  That's some Alanis Morissette-grade irony alright.


Once again, this election results was a mandate from the people – period.  It’s supposed to work that way and it did!


So, I am going to gloat a tad bit.  I told you Scott Walker would win the recall!  I even told everyone to bring it on!  Governor Walker is now stronger than he would have been in 2014 if the Democrats would have waited their proper turn, but they listened to the whinny Liberals and the Public Union Party to recall Walker.


Oh, wait, the word Liberal is out, they now like to be called Progressives.  Even though they are really regressive instead.  And selfish ones at that!


They like to hide behind the, “No I am more of a Moderate or Centrist when people are watching and when people don’t or I am in my pack of werewolves watch out my Liberalism knows no bounds.  But until I am with my pack of werewolves I will lie and pretend my intentions and clamor to be called Progressives!”    


So how did the recall fail?


When the 14 Democrat Wisconsin Senators ran to Illinois to dodge their job and responsibility people didn’t like that they abused the process.


It was going to fail from the get go.  You see the Whinny PUP and Liberals live in a bubble.  They think that Wisconsin was with them and Wisconsin was NOT and NEVER will be.  Even all of these lefty bloggers who think the rest of Wisconsin is like them were in the bubble.  If you are too far in you cannot see all the angles.


You see all of these protests where people cut from the same cloth and the same people just like all of the Liberals in Madison.  There was a false sense that that was the normal Wisconsin and it is not.  As one of our former Governors, Lee S. Dreyfus stated during his campaign, “Madison is 30 square miles surrounded by reality”.


Proof that WI is red: Take away ALL votes cast in Dane county, People's Republic of Madison.


Over time, people can change — or more often, they become who they really are!  Sometimes you don't pick sides, sometimes what you truly are picks it for you!


My X-Friend falls in this group as he and his wife felt that if Walker was exposed to Wisconsin in curtailing Collective Bargaining (CB) Wisconsinites would not vote for him.  I told the two of them that just isn’t so.  I said that once Walker exposed CB and how taxpayers were being taking advantage of the people would be with Walker.  Reform is, by its very nature, divisive!


If your definition and your premise are wrong, your conclusions that follow have to be.  Thus, your logic and reasoning are as well.


When public service workers organized they banded together and extorted money and benefits from municipalities which COULD NOT "go out of business" like any commercial enterprise.  They understood that they were working against the good of the general public.


"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic".  - Benjamin Franklin


Now my X-Friend claims he never said he wanted a do over and that is revising history and not the truth.


There was NO civil war until the PUP made a war and started the protests.  They started the war and lost it.  Wisconsin was NOT up in arms and the state would have gone along on its normal business if they would not have thrown a temper tantrum.


See the claim from the PUP was Walker taking things too far and we know that isn’t true.  It was the PUP that took things too far and lost the people along the way.  Wisconsinites were okay with the changes to CB and the Democrat’s spokesperson, Graeme Zielinski, knew that was the truth which is why he said this, “collective bargaining is not moving people."  That was the whole issue for the recall and even the left had conceded that the rest of Wisconsin didn’t care.


People see POSITIVE results of Act 10 and Governor Walker's other policies and when something WORKS, you stick WITH it.


More evidence that Governor Walker's reforms are working.  Private sector employment is up and public sector employment is declining.


From the inception of the protest’s logo of a clinched fist (the symbol of communism and Black Panthers) which is threatening, but that was the object.  To bully people!  This was very off putting to the rest of Wisconsin.


Now outside of the Liberal strong holds of Madison and Milwaukee, most other places didn’t like the whinny, bullying, threats, thuggery, temper tantrum and disregard of rules and laws.  These normal behaviors for the PUP and people suffering from Walker Derangement Syndrome (WDS) were not normal for the rest of us.  This turned people off to their plight.  The majority of people who were fed up with the whining of them because they didn’t get what they wanted the first time.  Someone stood up to the bully and said NO! 


Again these tantrums REALLY ticked people off and turned them off.  Putting up a fuss doesn’t mean it is right!


I learned in grade school, as I assume YOU did also, that rules are rules, great AND small, and that once you are aware of those rules, you obey them.  Like them or not, whether or not they seem to make sense to YOU, you still must follow the rules.  Period.  Violence will end when the rule of law is respected.


I think all of the protests and the Capitol is the disregard to the rules and laws of when they could be lawfully in it along with all horns and drums and the chanting played a role.  These childish behaviors of the protesters just exposed them as the childish bullies they are.


You get what you tolerate.


I can’t say this enough, general public's absolute hatred of the TACTICS used by the left.


“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.”  - Ben Franklin


Liberals own hypocrisy got them backed into a corner with their make excuses for Obama yet Walker is solely responsible for everything wrong going on.  It’s really hard to take you seriously and in the end people didn’t because they couldn’t!


It was that the non-PUP people thought the recall was a waste of time and money (More than 18 Million Dollars for just the Governor’s race).


It was “Common Sense” to the rest of use that this was a bad idea, just NOT to the PUP and WDS drones!


Many people didn’t think this was a proper use of the recall process and Governor Walker should be allowed to finish his term and the PUP get there shot at Walker in 2014 on the normal election schedule.


It’s not "not telling the truth" for a politician to do something they didn't expressly run on.  That happens all the time.  I bet you did things as County Exec that you didn't expressly run on, no?  Does that mean you deceived the voters?  It would have been "deception" if Gov. Walker had promised NOT to restrict collective bargaining and then done it.  Words matter.



The Liberals, PUP, WDS, and Wisconsin Democrats had NO plan or platform to run on.  All they ran on including Mayor Barrett was to attack Walker.  Go negative, lie and throw all the mud on the wall and hope some sticks.  Well what does fit was the slash and burn, at all and any costs Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.


Someone more astute then I said,


Governor Scott Walker is still standing.  The low-key Republican governor has withstood a sustained (and expensive) onslaught from the forces of Big Labor and its allies on the Left.


The Democrats today are looking at the same results the Japanese Imperial Navy looked at 70 years ago after The Battle of Midway.  The greatest Victory in the history of naval warfare. 


The Japanese said to each other “We did sink one of their Carriers not a complete loss”. 


Yesterday the Republican Victory was as great as the Victory the US Navy Won 70 Years ago today.  Long live CONSERVATISM.”


Now if the Liberals do win the VanWangaard Senate seat, it is a hollow nothing victory as the Legislature will not be in session until January 23, 2013.  That is next year after the November elections where the Republicans will win back the Senate.


Notice what they did right, they pulled a Gore/Kloppenburg.  Claim victory early and if you lose, claim they stole it from you!


Keep moving further left thinking that is the correct direction.  Please do things off the cuff and out of the box and please please take some risks and move more radically to the far far left.  I hope they keep Tate and Zielinski in charge of the Wisconsin Democrats because these to radical Liberals who are out of touch with the rest of people including their own party and live in an alternative reality will make it easier and easier for Republicans but especially Conservative Republicans to win and win again! 


With the I Verify The Recall Database you have exposed yourselves and please oh God please run Mahlon Mitchell in 2014, we will love exposing him for the fraud he is and the radical liberal he is.  After he Loved Act 10 before he didn’t and this time he will not be kept quiet and muzzled by the Barrett camp he will be exposed for the far left radical he is.  He will not be able to hide behind his fake fiscally conservative I am a moderate TV ads.


In a fair fight you will lose!  You are used to cheating, bending the rules, not following the laws, and using taxpayer money against the taxpayers not to mention the Union Dues going straight to Democrats who scratch your back.  Now you will have to show and ID to vote, bending the rules will be met with us bending the rules and now you will have to do fund raising like us on the right.  We still won’t break the laws, but we will expose you for doing so!


Philosophical differences:


Progressives Liberals love to create laws that protect you from yourself.

Conservatives believe the government should only be protecting ME from YOU.


Progressives Liberals want people to depend on government for as much as possible.

Conservatives want the government out of their lives as much as possible.


Progressives Liberals want bigger expanding government.

Conservatives want smaller more effective government.


Progressives Liberals think a company’s main purpose is to provide jobs.

Conservatives know a company’s main purpose is to produce a profit and job creation is a good byproduct of it.

Progressives Liberals want everyone the same, because anything else is "unfair."

Conservatives recognize and celebrate individualism.


Progressives Liberals want kids to grow up without knowing failure.

Conservatives want kids to grow up prepared for reality.


The reason for the state government is NOT to provide JOBS, it is to provide services that otherwise in the private sector could not be provided!


I actually yearn for a convincing liberal point of view about something - they must have something of substance to offer that would be good for America, instead of the same rhetoric repeated over and over.  Our country is starved for new ideas and solutions to old problems.  Solutions that lead you to the future, not follow you there as the liberals want.


Liberals are like greased pigs when debating on issues, they are all over the place and you cannot hold them on the subject as they will change the subject just as you get them.


As conservatives, we are trying to understand liberals through our own eyes; logic, common sense, rationality.  Liberals have none of this.  Data, facts, results, truth, do not mean anything to them.  They are motivated by personal greed and hate and feel they are justified in using any means possible because they think wrongly again, that the people on the right are doing the same thing.


They need to stop living in a bubble in which truth just can't get in and realize Wisconsin is not Liberal nor is what they think the norm!


This is just the first of Deconstruction of the Recall Elections.  In the next one I will go over the Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the additional rules the left has added since 1972.


You taught us Rule’s for Radicals and opened our eyes to it and we will apply them to some degrees.  As you wallow in the mud in your pig pens, us Conservatives are now willing to get our ankles muddy all the while you are nipping at our ankles.  We will however not go down the low road where you lurch, but we will walk in the middle and high roads.  We will not be trapped by your making us live up to standards you yourselves don’t and wanting us to live by your rules, as we now know the rules of the game and will play accordingly.  So bring it on!!


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