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No Massive Public Employee Exodus

Act 10, PUP, Public Sector Unions, Recall, Scott Walker, Debunked

Well another one of my X-Friend’s predictions isn’t coming true.  I think he actually will be mad that it isn’t coming true.  I think that is one part of the reason he severed our friendship and burned the bridge since he was so wrong on things that he couldn’t justify things anymore.  Burn the bridge, move on and think you were right!


In the future I will chronicle my X-Friend’s efforts to move the issue from Governor Walker’s Act 10 to the problem is my religion and the fact I didn’t see the moral/ethical issues Walker did on Act 10 and how it passed.  Something a liberal does when they are losing the debate on the real subject and attempt to make it personal.


Remember I said this; “Liberals are like greased pigs when debating on issues, they are all over the place and you cannot hold them on the subject as they will change the subject just as you get them.”


He even claimed last year to me that his wife was leaving the public sector and entering the private sector, well that didn’t happen as I knew it wouldn’t.


And NO this isn’t about me being right, this is about him being wrong and not willing to admit it.  I am and have been consistent on my stance about Act 10 and Governor Walker.


I know, I know I am risking a libel suit just using the word X-Friend.  Well not really since none of you know who he is and there is no damage done to him.  He is more and more becoming liberal you know the sue happy, give me a break.


Well, once the knee jerk reaction and false information (union propaganda) have trickled down, most people realize that Governor Walker has no power to go after pensions, and shame on you for believing all that false info, people are understanding the truth now!   


Wave of public employee retirements ebbs


The wave of public sector retirements that occurred last year after Gov. Scott Walker introduced sweeping collective bargaining changes hasn't carried over into 2012, though the number of retirement applications is still up from 2010.


There were 4,552 retirement applications in the first four months of this year, according to the Department of Employee Trust Funds.  That's down from 7,876 last year, but up 12 percent from 4,063 in 2010.


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