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End of an Era in Cudahy!

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Well the Roadrunner Milwaukee terminal is history in Cudahy.  They have moved to Brown Deer. 


Thankfully their corporate office remains in Cudahy, for how long no one knows!


So Cudahy loses another business!!!  That means two truck terminals in and outbound are vacant!  Why is it that in Cudahy we see more and more for rent, for lease then development?


So why did they move?  They needed space; they were expanding and Mayor Day’s administration was too slow to react.  I did hear he called over there, after the fact, when construction had already begun at the new site, but it was too late again, just like contacting Wal-Mart about coming to Cudahy after McCue ran them out!  How foolish the Cudahy elite keep looking.  We have the wrong people in key areas in Cudahy government.  We need changes!


It is sad when I hear from developers that in Cudahy they are not interested, not serious about development, cannot multitask development and appear to be doing development at one idea per month with a snail’s pace.


Well here is to Brown Deer in getting Roadrunner’s terminal and the local money that goes along with it, we in Cudahy will keep watching development happen everywhere but here.  Someday we will get it in Cudahy, but by then it will be too late!


Frustration abounds!!!!


P.S.  Mayor Day, I hear Vitran Express (414) 486-9510 is interested in the larger vacant Roadrunner terminal, how about you call them up talk to the Vitran’s Terminal Manager John Dermeyer and invite them to come to Cudahy and see if you can be of assistance, but I forget you don’t like trucks just like McCue.  Do what is best for Cudahy and call them and put your personal dislike aside.  Stop making the same mistakes you keep making and waiting for people to approach the city Mayor Day.  Be proactive and stop being reactive!



Roadrunner’s new Milwaukee terminal

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