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Cudahy Might Lose Aldi's?

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Well I keep hearing from people around Cudahy that Aldi’s is looking at leaving and moving to… yep, you guessed it, South Milwaukee.  Oh yeah not far from the Wal-Mart and to an area with more traffic.


More traffic, that just makes many people upset.  It makes me upset if what you are talking about is the Wisconsin DOT reducing the lanes on 794/94 Westbound.  I would like to talk with that smart paper pusher.  Anyways back to Aldi. 


Traffic is so important to retail and keeping a business going and successful.  You have to question the elitist and anti-capitalist hatred for retail.  We all can’t shop the posh organic stores.   


Here is typical of what I have been hearing in Cudahy about Aldi and you have to ask where is the Mayor, the Economic Director (he is too busy doing building inspections I am told), the CDA and the Common Council?


Randy, I keep hearing and talking about a rumor that Aldi's is closing because Cudahy won’t let them expand and they don’t want "those type of people" shopping in the area.  There can’t be a truth to this rumor right?


I was told Mayor Day said that their Corporation hasn't called him back and that they didn't renew their liquor license.  I was also told that the Corporation and the store will not call Mayor Day back because it is too late.  A dollar short, a day late!!!!


They claim they want to expand but cannot get the city to move and yes they are looking to move if numbers are not right.  I was told yet another biz in Cudahy pushed aside.


Why doesn’t Mayor Day get it Randy?


Well, that would be slow reacting Mayor Day.  Again another business that he is missing the boat on and being late to the table is a sad, sad thing. 


When is he going to get it?  - He will NOT, he feels that people should come to him and that he shouldn’t have to spend the energy first!


No liquor license normally means they are closing!!!


Aldi is on a month to month lease at Packard plaza.  I was told that the owner of the plaza won't put a dime into the building.


My guess the Aldi Corporation has been thinking of moving and that is one of the reasons have been asking for customers zip codes. 


If 53110 doesn’t support the store Aldi's will close it.  No or very little support from the City.  A slow reacting Mayor!  A building owner who doesn’t get it that it takes money (investing/upkeep) to make money!  What choice does Aldi have but to look for greener grass or in this case, green grass!


I am so sick and tired of Cudahy losing out to other cities.  In the public eye all of these other cities claimed they didn’t want Wal-Mart, but in private, St. Francis, South Milwaukee, and Oak Creek courted Wal-Mart.  And we will see the same with Aldi.


Then again, who didn’t want Aldi to come to Cudahy in the first place and who are the powers that be in the shadows whispering in the ears of Mayor Day?


Then again I think the elitist would be happy that Aldi moves and I don’t think they will lift a finger to help them stay since they don’t like them anyways.  Do remember they think retail is bad.  


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