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A Divided House Politically

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In April I asked one of my friends, Kevin and Angie Fech, which has a house politically divided the following questions.  He leans left and she leans right.  Here is what I asked and his response. 


Q. I am truly amazed on how the two of you can be on opposite political sides.  A house divided.  It is also unusual that the male/female political stereo types are not there.


Would you care to share how you guys talk about politics?


Does it get heated?  Any point – counterpoint debates?


I would like to use it for a blog (no names unless you want them).  I just must incredible the dinner table talks!  Carrie and I are on the same side and so are our families.  I had one friend who was a spilt home and they would vote and come home and say I canceled out your vote.  They were on both extremes and I am extremes.  I am not as far right as he is.



A.     To start, I am OK if you want to use names, but it is up to you


Yes we talk politics in the house and yes there are times when it gets heated.  One of the benefits in my eyes is that the kids are learning from both perspectives.


I think the most heated conversations come from comments heard in the media, whether it be Stewart, Mahr, Sykes or Wagner.  We each jump on something that we hear.


Most of the discussion is point/counter point.  Just this morning, on the way to the grocery store we had a discussion about Falk & Barrett not wanting to answer questions from an out of State reporter.  Because I was very busy Thurs-Sat, I did not see any news or read any papers, so I was not familiar with it. 


Somehow the issue moved to the budget problems, I mentioned that I believe that there should be a balanced approach, Angie does not think this.  Angie brought up the whole Kenosha teacher issue and how it was the Union that turned down the proposal.  I asked her how is this different then a private business wanting tax breaks to remain in the State.  Angie said that we are talking about tax payer money for the teachers, I asked doesn't reducing revenue from tax breaks for a private company have the same effect on tax payers, because now in order to account for this tax break we need to find an equal cut to account for this lost revenue?


I think this led into Walker's continued comment that it is outside money that is causing this.  I told Angie he makes it sound as if his money is all coming from within the State and no outside Special Interest is helping fund this recall or his original election.



By this time we arrived at the store.  I will admit that I do hear good points from her, but I do not always let her know this as I am sure she does.  A lot depends on how long we want the conversation to continue


One thing that we did agree on is that both sides do the same thing.  I can think of nothing that both parties hasn't already done. 


I think that in all of the advocating that I have been doing, there was one issue that I think that Angie struggled with.  My opposition to the Special Needs Voucher bill.  Angie truly believes in people having options.  Angie is friends with John Jagler on Facebook and he made a comment at how great this bill was.  I jumped all over this.  I have nothing wrong with giving people options, but the people need to know what they would be giving up, and that is not something you were seeing in the argument for.  After Angie read my blog on why I opposed it, it really made her stop and think if this was really a good bill.  My argument was laid out very clearly and it was my argument.  Not something that I overheard.  I was part of the discussions.


At the end of the day we got married because we love each other.  In most of the bigger issues nationally, we realize that we have very little say so right now.  Statewide, on disability issues in particular, we have more to say.  It felt really good to say that I had a part in having the Family Care Caps lifted, yes I know that CMS required it, but I testified at the Audit Hearing, removing the R word and especially defeating a pretty powerful special interest group on the Special Ed Voucher.  Having the opportunity to meet the Governor is something that I never thought it happen to me.  I did agree with the Governor 100% on this day.  While I do not agree with him often, he is still the Governor and needs to be treated with respect.  Treating any elected official with respect is something of a lost value for a lot of people.


To me, it comes down to values.  I think that we have very similar values, we just have different approaches on how to achieve them.  We both know that nothing is ever going to be accomplished unless both sides can sit down and have a civil discussion and not insist on our way or the highway.  If neither side is willing to give in, then we will continue in this stalemate.


I hope this helps

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