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Let's Talk About the 2012 Cudahy Parade and Fireworks

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I have to say, Cudahy has the best parade and fireworks around and this years was just as good as years past!


Well it was a hot one.  102 degrees and some of the people in attendance thought it should have been cancelled. 


If you want my opinion and this blog is mainly about it, I think the powers that be made the right choice in going on with it and shorting it.


I did have one lady yell at me that I posted the wrong parade route.  To her I said, “This is what the City posted and listed” and in the end they shortened.


Now we did have the scary accident, “Marcher in Cudahy parade injured when participating driver strikes him”, due to the heat and a medical condition.


I think we need to lift the ban on squirt-guns and water at the parade.


To those tossing out candy, being towards the back and having plenty of people in attendance tell me this, the regular flavored Tootsies Rolls were not well liked.  So many people just left them on the ground.


I think the check in could have been a little more organized.  When you ask people to come in and check in at 10:30am, the check in station and line-up spots should be ready to lessen the confusion of where they should park first to find out later that they still need to move into their spot.


I think we should allow people the same day to be added to the end of the parade, like someone has an antique car or they were honored as in the past for their military service.  It does no harm just adding them to the end.  Bigger parades are normally better for the crowds.


For the fireworks, when they do the ground display, don’t send up the big fireworks as well, people are watching the ground ones and missing the ones high in the sky.  I understand that not all can see the ground ones, but they are the few and why waste the sky ones until you have the attention of everyone.


I did get this email from a reader,


Randy there should be no smoking at the park during the fireworks.  It should be a kid and family friendly place and smokers are just rude people.  I watched so many people just flick their cigarettes into the dry grass which could start a fire or kids could step on the lit cigarette with their bare feet.”


Well, while I don’t smoke and don’t like smoking, this is a free country.  I will fight for smoker rights to smoke in open public places.  There is no way to police that and I hope with the dry conditions caused people to use their heads a little.  Would I prefer that people wait to smoke until after the fireworks? Sure, but this is still a free country and they have the right to do it.  I think common sense should always win out in situations like this.


Received this email as well,


Where I started the in parade, when Larson came by walking he was heckled by a large crowd.  Yelling things about him fleeing his job and about the recall.  While I was encouraged by the fact there are actually other people in Cudahy that are not walk-in step liberals, I think a July 4th parade is not the time or place for heckling.  I cannot confirm this, but someone told me that either Gwen Moore or Sinnicki had people walking in the crowd handing out political information while their caravan went down the parade route.  Again, not the time or place to do this, much like when Gwen Moore went on her stump speech at the Christmas tree lighting this past year.”


Yes I did hear that Democrat Assembly Representative Christine Sinicki did have partisan people walking with her, I didn’t hear about handing out any political things.  I agree that politics shouldn’t play a part, but ideology is always there and thus politics.  Typically liberals don’t understand the notion of the “right place and right time” as was evident in the recallers picketing Governor Walkers home and family.  Nothing is off limits and it is always, the end justifies the means, all in, take the shot when you can even if it is in the back.  That is one of the fundamental things wrong with liberalism and why people are increasingly turned off by it.  We are a center right country and state.  Well time I get off the political aspect and back to the parade and fireworks subject.


I thought the crowds were very good for the conditions and the people in good spirits.  I loved seeing some of the kids dressed up and adults into it as well.  I could be wrong, but I thought the participant count was down from last year.


All in all, another great Cudahy parade and fireworks display.  That is something the City, Mayor Day, Tina Dondajeski and all of the Celebration committee can be proud of.

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