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Cudahy School District Reader Emails

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I am hearing this from a bunch of people.


Randy the word traveling around the city is the poor performance of the Cudahy School District.  Most people think of Cudahy as being better than MPS, but to be 1 point above MPS is a disgrace!  The school board, teachers and administrators should be ashamed of yourselves.  I think this shows the disconnect, bad attitudes, ignorance, and denial the Cudahy School District is in!!!  The Milwaukee Magazine School survey looks to be spot on!


For those that forgot or don’t know the Milwaukee Magazine results click here:


Updated - Milwaukee Magazine Rates 33 K-12 School Districts and Cudahy Ranks 32nd




1 point above MPS is nothing to be proud of.  It just shows that Mr. Heiden is taking the district in the wrong direction, and again, no accountability.




Another one:




I have attached two paragraphs from the school districts website and their last board meeting.  While I was not in attendance, this relates to their budget of next year.  This was on the attachment for the proposed 2012-2013 budget.


Plan: Present the Public Notice to Electors of the School District of Cudahy for the 2012-13 Budgets. 


Overall, the General Fund Revenues are projected to rise $516,190, or 1.8%, primarily due to a change in the accounting of District Activity accounts that used to be reported in Fund 60 that are now part of the General Fund.  Approximately $300,000 of revenues and expenses are now in Fund 10 that used to be in Fund 60.  There is no impact to the tax levy for this DPI ordered accounting change.  We are projecting less State Aid and as a result of the Revenue Cap calculation, higher property taxes for 2012-13.  Expenditures will also rise about 1.8% reflecting higher costs for salaries, benefits, energy, etc.  Without the impact of the $300,000 in District Activity accounts noted above, the expenses would have risen only 0.8%.


Revenue projections are not finalized at this point.  We will not get a current calculation of our State Aid from DPI until after July 1, 2012.  Overall the preliminary Total Tax Levy is up $453,900 from last year (4.09%).  This is due to reduced State Aid and an increase in the scheduled debt service payments in 2012-13.  The projected tax levy at this point is $11,542,940, with a tax rate of $11.17.  As a comparison, last year the Board approved the Budgets in June, 2011 with a projected tax levy of $11,376,488, with a tax rate of $11,258/$1,000.  Last year’s actual tax levy was $11,089,040, with a tax levy rate of $10.73/$1,000.

The summary of all District Budgets is attached.  This is a balanced general fund budget.


If this is true, they are going to come to the taxpayers for a 4.9% levy increase. 

Then, they are going to come to the taxpayers in November for $5.9 million dollars.

Again, if this is all totally true, I don't blame this on Act 10, I blame this on the administration who is running this district and can get away with this.


I don't see the city tax levy coming for a 4.9% increase, oh...  I forgot, they can't do that.


Can you find out if this is totally true?  Then, maybe shed a little light on it in your blog.



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