10 Ways that Kids Can Get Around Parental Monitoring

Since we have a parent block program on our computer - and my kids are not yet teens, we really don't need this information - yet.  However, I do find this information extremely interesting.  This is such an important list for parents.   Top 10 Ways Teens Get Around Parental Monitoring

Below are the top 10.

  1. Clearing the browser history (53%)
  2. Closing/minimizing browser windows when parent walked in (46%)
  3. Hiding or deleting IMs or videos (34%)
  4. Lying or omitting details about online activities (23%)
  5. Using a computer your parents don’t check (23%)
  6. Using an Internet-enabled mobile device (21%)
  7. Using privacy settings to make certain content viewable only by friends (20%)
  8. Using private browsing modes (20%)
  9. Creating private email address unknown to parents (15%)
  10. Creating duplicate/fake social network profiles (9%)

I cannot stress how important it is for parents to understand the technology of our kids. It is not going away. Their technology can be an amazing experience  - but it can also be damaging, if we don't pay attention.

But of course, whenever I see a list like the list aboive, I want to know more.  

What can I do as a parent to be more proactive in my kids online experiences?  

The video below was compiled by a group of parents who work for Google.   I've highlighted the key points that made the most sense to me:  

  • Talk to your kids.  Make sure they understand your concerns.  
  • Realize that your kids are ahead of you and they are probably using it in ways that are different than you do. See the list above!
  •  Use Google Safe Search 
  • Be aware of the parent software out there.  Some that I know of are: AGV Family Safety, McAfee Family Protection, and Net Nanny.
  • Keep your computers in a main area of the house, so you can see what they are doing.
  • Be your child's Facebook and Twitter friend.  Make this a rule.  I can't imagine letting my kids on sites like this without knowing what they are doing.
  • And again, pay attention!

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