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Cudahy DPW Packard Ave and Mary Jo Lange

Cudahy, DPW, Mary Jo Lange

So I have received some emails about the construction of Packard Ave and have talked with a few DPW guys (yes they are still talking even with the gag order in effect)


So what am I hearing and reading?


I heard today that some businesses are asking that the Packard Ave resurfacing job be delayed a year to allow businesses to have a year of uninterrupted flow or at least only close half of Packard at a time.  They have been told that this is not an option.


How/Why does MJL hold all of the cards?  I heard that a number of people who currently do not live in the city are making a strong push to remove the residency requirements.





Packard Avenue, that project has been a mess.  Day is so impressed with MJL, and again, I think either her, Ray, or Ryan is being groomed for administrator.


MJL and running the DPW, she stinks. 


3rd party snow plowing, if you do this, then why do you need a DPW. 


None of our elected officials’ question why with Al retiring, we are hiring 2 supervisors.  Who are they going to supervise, when there are no workers?


No thought, no foresight.  Other communities, like SM, still have a DPW, offer more than Cudahy, and have not contracted out anything.  It is total mismanagement, but MJK is queen!





Randy that Mary Jo is still making a mess of construction projects.  She needs to go.  I know you have talked about that, but action needs to take place.  She has no oversight and it is clear the alderman watching over the DPW is a sleep at the job!




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