You Know You Are From South Milwaukee Because ... Facebook Group

Right after I posted the Miller Bridge post, I received a link to the following Facebook Group:

You Know You Are From South Milwaukee Because ...

This Facebook group started just three days ago, and there are already 1,000 members!   It is too funny.  Swarms of people are chiming in, talking about their memories of South Milwaukee. You can spend all day on this site. Here are some things that really made me smile and laugh out loud:

  • Taking music lessons at Dan's Pick-a-Way on Milwaukee Ave.
  • The tunnels underneath the old SM high school. I've never been down there, but my brother says there is a window right to the swimming pool. I was always too scared to go down there!
  • The twins ladies who used to walk around South Milwaukee and wave at everyone.
  • Freshy's Pizza
  • Ralph the Elf
  • Learning how to square dance in gym class (and tripping over my own feet).
  • Tates Shoprite!

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