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Congress Mandates Everyone Must Own a Gun or Face a Penalty Tax

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Yes, in the future, congress could pass such a law and for good reason!  If everyone had a gun crime would go down!  Right now millions of people are unprotected and rely on others or just go without a gun.


Hey you don’t have to have one, just know you will pay a penalty tax – it is after all good for everyone.


Next week congress is looking that everyone must have a Ford vehicle or face a penalty tax.  Then they are taking up that everyone needs a Microsoft Tablet and must have the Internet or face penalty tax.  It is after all good for everyone.  The Ford because it is safe and American and the Internet and Microsoft Tablet because we are going to do our elections over the Internet and the government will be watching the sites and email because it is for and in everyone’s best interest.


Mother Government knows best!  She will provide for everyone.  Mother Government also thinks that everyone should be paid the same and Mother Government will pick your job for you and raise your children.  No one can do it better than Mother Government so don’t argue when Mother Government tells you to do something or NOT to!

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