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A Tragedy

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The Colorado shootings is/was a tragedy.  My heart goes out to the victims and their families.


I think we need to dispel some rumors and misinformation.


First, this person, James Holmes the gun man, is mentally ill.  You have to be in order to kill innocent people!  And YES he told police he thought he was the “Joker” from the Batman series of villains.  


James Holmes was in the process of dropping out of Graduate School and was in the honors program and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa (like myself) and recently did poorly at school in the last semester.  He also couldn’t find a job which is why he went back to school after getting his Bachelor Degree in neuroscience.  James Holmes concentrated his study on "How we all behave"


Second, he was not part of the TEA Party that those on the left like Brian Ross said!  Oh how you want to blame us on the right for this tragedy.  Oh how you privately prayed to your Godless deity that you worship that somehow James Holmes was connected to the TEA Party.  Shame on you!


Third, he didn’t have bulletproof vest he purchased a "Blackhawk urban assault vest" which isn’t bulletproof.  Yes he did buy his guns legally and went through the proper background checks.  James Holmes wasn’t a criminal when he bought the guns and there is no way to know his mental status at the time or predict what he was going to do.


Forth, the theater was a “Gun Free Zone”!  I know to some people just putting up a sign makes it so, but in the real world it doesn’t.  Unless people walk through metal detectors or are searched those signs are on the “Honor System”.  We all know how well the “Honor System” does with coffee at work and that is something where lives are not at stake.  Again, putting up the sign doesn’t make it so, but it does make people on the left feel better about themselves.


Fifth, had guns been allowed at the theater, and when I say that I mean properly handled and licensed gun owners, you know NOT the criminals buying guns illegally, someone might have been able to stop him.  And that is why the media keeps misleading and telling people it was a bulletproof vest.  To try and stop the thought process that maybe it could have been stopped.


Sixth, there is no indication of a link to terrorism.


I personally would like to see some of the money made on the Batman movie voluntarily donated to the victims and their families.  I say voluntarily because I don’t think the director, actors, movie theater, movie studio, or DC comics should be required to pay.  However, the movie theater in putting up “Gun Free Zone” might see lawsuits because of their sign and false promise of safety!


I would like to say again that my heart goes out to the victims and their families!  This is a sad, sad day in America. 


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