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First Lady Requires Photo ID and Social Security Number At Her Book Signing

Liberals, Obama, Photo ID, Voter ID

Oh yeah that is correct, it isn’t a Right to see the First Lady, so that makes having to show an ID okay.


Wait… I have to show an ID when I buy a gun or have a gun on my person!  Is there an Amendment about Guns/Arms?


Oh, yeah I forgot.  I Right is only a Right when the Liberals say so and when they say it is not, well it isn’t. 


No, wait…


Yes that is correct, my bad.  We don’t talk about having to show an ID for guns.  That doesn’t go with the Liberal meme.  That weakens their argument on Voter Photo ID.


Then again, the left likes the illegals being able to vote.  Wait they don’t have the Right to vote!  


Yes my bad!  No Rights needed if it helps the left out!


I recently had a Facebook discussion with one of my Liberal friends on this subject and in classic Liberal fashion, when I prove a point, silence covers the sky or by magic the subject changes. 


Let’s not forget the non-answer answers or the but, but!  Then again the classic copout, we will just agree to disagree!


Anyways, the First Lady wants to be sure you are who you say you are when you meet her.  Wouldn’t want someone masquerading as someone else, we keep that option open for the Right to Vote!  Well, only when it helps the left.  If NOT, then it is an issue!


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