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Is Cudahy Losing Another Retailer in Packard Plaza?

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So I am hearing that Merchandise Outlet is leaving Cudahy in a big part to the land owner upping their rent to make up for the loss in revenue from the empty spaces!


Listen up Liberals and your constant wanting to increase taxes (revenue)!


See in a bad economy that Obama has kept us in, raising taxes or in this case the rent to make up for shortfall of revenue is the wrong thing!  It has just the opposite effect!  Simple Economics 101.


So this land owner is already losing Aldi’s and now Merchandise Outlet!  Yes the Cudahy Post Office is moving into the Packard Plaza, but companies are not lining up!


Why do you think Cudahy is struggling and PLEASE don’t hand me everyone is struggling because I do see development in other cities.


Here is what I think!


Cudahy has a real image issue (Just look at the crappy asphalt curb jobs on Packard Ave.  Isn’t Packard Ave “The Downtown” supposed to be our crown and jewel?  If that doesn’t look trashy and low income I don’t know!)


Cudahy has a perceived image issue


Cudahy’s taxes are too high!


Cudahy isn’t business friendly!


Cudahy’s governmental arms (CDA, CC, Mayor, Econ Dev) are not on the same page and in some cases not serious about development!


Cudahy has too many NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) whinny liberals who think retail is bad, traffic is bad, trucks are bad, cars are bad, noise is bad, parking lots are bad, parking lots lights are bad.


Cudahy’s Mayor is too concerned with getting a Part Time Mayor (PLEASE don’t let the silence on this subject fool you – I hear Mayor Day is looking at pushing people into the Common Council’s race that are Pro Part Time Mayor)


Cudahy’s Economic Director is too busy with his other part time city job as building inspector to be serious about development.  (I am also told he has been told by the Powers that Be to concentrate on the building inspection because that is revenue to the city)  How shortsighted because businesses and NEW businesses pay taxes.  More than the one or two time fees found on the building inspections.


Liberals and many of the Cudahy power holders put the cart before the horse and are blind to the fact they do it.  It doesn’t matter how much you show them that in a recession to generate more revenue you LOWER taxes, become business friendly and Tax Revenue will increase.  Trickle Down Economics – we have history to show us it works and public and private example of the left’s way that it don’t.


In the end maybe these people and the landowner think Cudahy will attract Chico's, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nordstrom, Sax, and the likes!  And maybe just maybe they think Cudahy is Elm Grove, Mequon, or Delafield! 


Maybe just maybe it isn’t enough for them to work in Cudahy, maybe they should live in Cudahy.  I was not one to push that but maybe we need to!


Where does Cudahy rank on average income for the state?  374 out of 698


Rank   city                                   population     ave income           National rank

374. Cudahy, Wisconsin (1)        18,484           $40,017.00          #9,622


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