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Missouri Republican Todd Akin Is An Idiot!

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Let me first say and remind people that in the past I have not shied away from talking about abortion Compromise or calling out my own The Right Putting Foot In Mouth, Pure Disappointment.


Like it or not Conservatives have higher standards than the Democrats or Republicans.  I will not even put the Liberals in that sentence as they have NO standards.  They claim they do but when your ideology and culture have the “by any means” that is the hallmark of NO standards.  They do have standards for everyone else and they want you to live up to them, but they themselves are exempt from them – self exemption!


Rush Limbaugh recently made this statement – “Dems Circle The Wagons, We Circle The Firing Squads”!  He was slightly off.  It correctly should have been stated, Liberals circle the wagons and Conservatives circle the firing squads!


There are plenty of Democrats that are not Liberal.


Now Conservatives and many Republicans will publicly state and want a bad seed, a flake, an idiotic moron (no name calling there – truth) out of our Ideology and party.


On the other hand, Liberals will circle the wagons to protect their bad seeds, flakes, and idiotic morons!  Just watch and you will see it!  Look back at history and recent years if you want examples. 


That is one of the major differences between Conservative and Liberals. 



Now the title of my post is, Missouri Republican Todd Akin Is An Idiot, and he is!


Not only was his statement of "legitimate rape" rarely resulted in pregnancy, saying that "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" idiotic but then he attempts to defend it! 


What is legitimate rape and does that mean there is an illegitimate rape?


Rape is rape!


He needs to step aside and not just because it hurts the Republican chances, but because he is ignorant and refuses to see how wrong he is.


Now I did hear someone attempt to defend his statement by using the stress of the rape will cause the pregnancy to self-abort.  Really, where is the data and empirical evidence of that?


Now on abortion I am against it unless it was rape, incest or if the mother’s life is in danger and I was called a moral moderate since I didn’t take the extreme view of, “NO” abortions.  And rape is rape.


Todd Akin needs to end his career as a public servant and take up some biology classes.  So now is the time to send him to a rocking chair in the English countryside or the rock you live under.  We will be far better off without someone with moronic thoughts as he does.  Yes we on the right do from time to time have idiots on our side and we purge them or shun them!


Time to go Senator Akin, feel free to goose-step your way into retirement.



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