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Happy Labor Day!!!

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As you celebrate Labor Day remember history and remember today!


Yes it was the union labor movement that brought us this holiday day!  Back in the 1800’s, in 1894 to be exact, and NOT anything to do with the current unions!


Many of the current unions have since forgotten about the workers and now think of themselves.  This is something we all saw during the Act 10 situation.


Public Unions are the real issue and deep down most of you know it!  They were unchecked and became greedy.


So if you want to thank a Union worker for today, go to a cemetery and look at the dates.  Thank anyone of those around 1880’s-1920’s.  You would be better off and more on target thanking any of them then any of the current unions, especially the public sector unions as they have become the Public Union Party and is just an extension of the (LSD) Liberal Socialist Democrats and lobbyist on behave of them.


Also remember the unions don’t own this day, we all own this day!


Have a great and safe Labor Day!

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