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If You Are NOT Watching Parenthood Give it a Chance

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The NBC show Parenthood is one of my favorite shows and it is on tonight at 9pm.  If you are not watching it, give it a chance!



Like its characters, TV's 'Parenthood' struggles


"The show doesn't strain or sensationalize," says Ron Howard, who produces the dramedy along with his Imagine Entertainment partner Brian Grazer.  Imagine was behind the 1989 Steve Martin movie of the same name, which served as a loose framework for series creator Jason Katims.  "Parenthood doesn't play for shock value," Howard says.


"It's about the meaning of life," Grazer adds.


Which could be why the show continues to fight for an audience — averaging just under 7 million viewers — as it waits for the network's decision in May about a third season (though its return on equally challenged NBC is likely).


"Both my shows have struggled, but I do feel the network sees the value they bring," says Katims, whose connection to one big Parenthood theme — the Braverman family's embrace of an autistic child — is personal.  His son, Sawyer, 14, is autistic.


"At first I wasn't sure I wanted to go there," Katims says.  "But then I started to remember that everyone is dealing with something, and the goal of great TV is to reach a universal truth."


But life has become so full of uncomfortable truths that escapist TV, from crime dramas to reality shows, easily outpaces programming that mirrors our personal reality.  With the world leaping from crisis to catastrophe to conflict, no wonder viewers don't flock to the gritty issues shows like Parenthood dish up.


Besides the couple with an autistic son, a brief roll call includes a daughter dating an African-American teen who's a reformed alcoholic; a dysfunctional mixed-race couple who are fighting to stay together; a stay-at-home dad who is fighting insecurities; and a family patriarch who comes across as cool but sits on his own powder keg.


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