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New Reader Comments on the Sarah Palin, Advocacy, Quotes, and Narratives

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Guest Blog - Gary P Jackson




A friend sent me your great article.


I was trying to reply to Kevin, who is way off base.


Anyhow, evidently your website has a character limit, and won't let me break the information Kevin needs up into manageable posts.  I got two in, but it will not allow me more.  Probably thinks it is spam.


Anyhow, this is what I was trying to post.  Feel free to use it as a rebuttal to Kevin.  I don't know about you, but I am sick of people claiming Palin quit to make money and chase reality shows.  I have been a supporter since early 2007 and have written extensively about her and her career.


Anyhow, I would like Kevin to see my reply and I'm sure your readers would appreciate the truth as well.


Kindest Regards,


Gary P Jackson


Editor and Publisher, A Time For Choosing



My response to Kevin:


Kevin, for one since you are so hung up on correct terminology, the term is COULDN'T care less.


Past that, I am struck by your pathetic rant, obsessing over what to call children with Down syndrome, and yet, you have absolutely NO regards to the facts as to how and why Governor Palin resigned from office.


Evidently facts mean nothing to you whatsoever.


Governor Palin didn't "resign to be a reality TV star" or to sell books, or any other notion you are likely spreading around all over the internet.


Fact is, Governor Palin was the highest rated Governor in the nation, with approval ratings in the 90s.  Then she was chosen as John McCain's running mate.  She scared the hell out of the democrats [and some Republicans] both know she was an incredible Governor and a political force of nature.


Many of Barack Obama's key people are Alaskans, or have ties to Alaska.  Pete Rouse, who served as Obama's Senate chief-of-staff, and later interim White House chief-of-staff is Alaskan, and close with some of the key players in the trumped up "Troopergate" witch-hunt.


In fact, that investigation got rolling after Barack Obama personally made a call to the Alaska troopers union.  Though Governor Palin was cleared of any wrong doing, and those involved in the witch hunt were actually investigated and found guilty of using wrong statutes, hiding evidence, and so forth, the damage was done, and Obama rewarded Pete Rouse's buddy, and Troopergate ram-rod, Kim Elton with a make-work job at the Department of Interior.


Another one close to both Obama and Alaska is Anita Dunn.  You know, the loon who thinks Mao is a "great philosopher.”  Dunn worked for losing democrat Tony Knowles, the former Alaska Governor who Palin beat in a landslide after first taking out the sitting Republican, Frank Murkowski, in the primary.


Anita Dunn was very panicked at the thought of Obama having to run against McCain with her on the Palin and acted accordingly.


Let's skip that though, and move on to when Sarah Palin came back to Alaska after the election.


While in Alaska Pete Rouse and others created the "Wasilla Project" a group of hate filled loons whose mission was to do anything and everything to harass Governor Palin.


Randy linked to one of their blogs "Mudflats" in his article.  That blog is published by a nasty little woman, who wrote for years as "AKMuckraker" She's such a nasty, evil piece of work an Alaska DEMOCRAT lawmaker outed her as Jeanne Devon.  She proceeded to sick her hellions on him.


Some of the players in this are Devon, Shannyn Moore, a drunk whose boyfriend actually pays a radio station in Alaska so she can get on and rant for hours at a time.  Linda Beagel, another loon and the official DNC blogger for Alaska, Jesse Griffin, as well as Val and Zane Henning.  There is also Dennis Zaki, a stringer for CNN.  He and Griffin made sure many of the lies told about Palin hit the airwaves in record time.


Devon and Moore were given priority access to both MSNBC and the Huffington Post. The rest worked with them.


The entire thing was coordinated by Pete Rouse, out of the West Wing of the White House.  Or as Rouse himself liked to brag "Josh Lyman's office".


These bloggers and their operatives set about filing bogus ethics claims by the dozens.  ALL of them were BS and thrown out of court.  The problem is, by law, even the most ridiculous of complaints had to be investigated.


Hell, you didn't even have to be ALASKAN to file the complaints!  Malia Litman, a Palin hating loon from Dallas, Texas was able to file an ethics complaint!  Though the Alaska Attorney General had the last laugh!


"Noted Palin Hating Whack-Job Malia Litman Hammered By Alaska’s Attorney General"


Long story short, under Alaska law, the Executive was NOT protected from these attacks.  It was up to them to pay their own legal bills.  Palin's had shot past a half-million dollars, and there was no end in sight.


WORSE, she wasn't even allowed to have a defense fund, something every other politician in the country is allowed to do.  She put one together, had the best lawyers in the country at these sort of things do it.  Guess what, Obama's handpicked loons filed an ethics violation for THAT!


Once these evil democrats realized Sarah wasn't going anywhere, and her popularity was only getting stronger, they started attacking her staff, who were also subject to ethics investigations, and had ZERO protection.


Governor Palin had a $125,000 a year salary [she had turned down a $25,000 raise the legislature wanted to give her] her staff made much less.  If SHE couldn't afford the legal bills, her staff sure couldn't.


Oh, and these Obama employees also cost the state of Alaska over $2 million.  Again, the state was compelled to investigate the most ridiculous of claims.


For their part, Obama's handpicked team broke the law continually by announcing these ethics charges to the public, often  before they were actually filed.  Problem is, it is illegal, but there is no punishment, so nothing happened to them.


Governor Palin resigned because Obama's thugs were costing her state money, millions of dollars in fact, as well as bankrupting her personally.  And her staff was starting to get the same treatment.


Also, as these complaints had to be investigated, FOIA requests honored, Governor Palin's staff was tied up doing nothing but, and nothing was getting done.


Thankfully, Governor Palin got more done in her three legislative sessions as Governor than most politicians do in a lifetime, but her ability to govern was compromised.  She did the only honorable thing she could, resign.


She left Alaska in the capable hands of Lt Governor Parnell who carried on with her vision.


The fact that she is a popular political figure and a force of nature has allowed her to earn a good living.  Are you suggesting people shouldn't be allowed to make a good living, or is that just reserved for Governor Palin?


BTW, Alaska has since changed its laws.  Now not only is the Executive protected, the state pays all legal fees IF the complaints are bogus.  They put some teeth into the laws against discussing on-going investigations too.


Since you like things to be just so, it's shocking that you don't already know this, as well as the rest of us do.  It's been WELL documented.


Google "Obama's Alaska Mafia" or check out these articles:


"The Video Barack Obama And His Alaska Bloggers Would Rather You Not See"


"Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia Is On The Run And Angry The Spotlight Is On Them"


"Sarah Palin 26 Obama’s Alaska Mafia ZERO"


"Surprise!  Billionaire Obama Supporter Keeping Levi Johnston In The Spotlight"


"Pete Rouse, Barack Obama’s Dirty Tricks Master"


"Pete Rouse’s Alaska Ties (Update)"


"Rouse's Role In Smearing Palin"


Maybe now you won't be going around spreading lies about Sarah Palin, I mean you are such a stickler about getting things right, and don't like things that are offensive.  Maybe now that you have been educated you can stop being hateful and offensive yourself.

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