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Are YOU, are WE, Better Off Today! Part 1

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Are you better off now than 4 years ago?  Yes or No


Is the country better off now than 4 years ago?  Yes or No


We have seen 4 years of Obama.  Do you think 4 more years of Obama will be better?


In a time where the Economy and Jobs should have been the most important focus, Obama instead focused on Obamacare!  He and the Democrats controlled everything for his first 2 years and did nothing about jobs and the economy!


"When someone doesn't do the job, you gotta let em go" - Clint Eastwood


So is America better off today than 4 years ago?


Not if you look at jobs!


Obama didn't inherit the economy, he asked for it, he campaigned for it, he spend millions to acquire it, and he promised to change it and fix it!!!


Also if you think Bush caused this and then you have to accept Obama has done nothing but make it worse or accept it that you are fake or a liar.


If Bush crashed the car into the ditch, it still had some value, just needed to be towed and repaired.


Not if you look at our credit rating!


Obama stripped the car of all value and let it roll further down the hill.  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have made things much worse. 

What Obama inherited campaigned for……….. What we have today

AAA Credit Rating …………………. AA Credit Rating

7.8% Unemployment ………….8.3% Unemployment

$1.81 Gas a Gallon……………… $3.55 Gas a Gallon

10 Trillion Debt …………………….16 Trillion Debt

26 weeks Unemployment ……..99 Weeks Unemployment

Annual Budget …………………. No Annual Budget..


If things are so good where are the jobs?


Why are more people on food stamps?


BREAKING NEWS: Captain of the Titanic asks for second chance.  Blames iceberg on his predecessor.


When you are at the dinner table in your normal GDP family time talk think about the numbers.


All that was done in the past four years was stimulus and welfare that isn't going to sustain anything.  The GDP shows a plus and upswing, but now the stimulus (government credit card) which was artificially keeping plugging the holes with government contracts where off (government credit card payments due) the real GDP engine (private sector) is hurting and cannot drive things.


Obama borrowed $5 trillion and spent (oops, "invested") every cent and only managed to raise GDP by $500 billion?


That is not successful investing.


According to Obama and his economic advisers, when the government spends $1, it generates *more* than $1 of GDP.  Instead it seems that for every dollar they spent, 90 cents was wasted.  Obviously they are vastly, completely, and undeniably wrong.


Obamanomics is not working.


Want the truth - GDP per person among income groups and adjust for inflation


You can call cancer a cold to make yourself feel better, but it doesn't change the facts or truth!


Are Americans better off?  Obama aides won't say


Flinching in the face of economic weakness, President Barack Obama's top aides refused to say Sunday in the run-up to the Democratic National Convention if Americans are better off than they were four years ago.



On "Fox News Sunday" David Axelrod works hard to avoid the question "Are Americans better off under Obama" (September 2, 2012)


On FNS, Axelrod Won't Say Yes Or No If Americans Are Better Off


Gov O'Malley: We are not better off than we were 4 years ago.


Top Obama surrogate answers the question the Obama campaign has been avoiding.


MSNBC Contributor: 'Even People Who Lost Their Jobs Are Better Off' Under Obama


People who lost their jobs are better off under Obama??  How, oh yes because now mother government will take care of them!




Census: Rich-poor gap widens


The income of American households continued to shift dramatically in 2011, falling sharply for middle-income and working-age people while rising for top earners and seniors, the Census Bureau reported Wednesday.


Overall, median household income fell 1.5% to $50,054 last year, the fourth consecutive annual decline after adjusting for inflation, the agency said.  The typical household has lost ground in seven of the last 10 years and now takes in less cash than it did in 1996 when adjusting for inflation.


The annual income report is a key indicator of the economic health of the USA and its middle class.  Median income is the middle point of households — half made more, half made less in 2011.  Only a handful of groups did better last year:


•Affluent.  The income for the top 5% of households — those making $186,000 or more — rose 5.3% last year, reflecting the growing value of highly educated professionals.  Income gains were greatest among the top 1%, said David Johnson, chief of social, economic and housing statistics for the Census Bureau.  There is a "widening of the gap between the top and the bottom," he said.


•Seniors.  Those 65 and older saw household income rise 2% above inflation last year and 12.8% over the last decade, helped by the steadiness of Social Security checks.


Big losers: people in their prime earning years.  All age groups between 25 and 64 suffered income drops in 2011.  Households headed by 45- to-54-year-olds — when earnings typically peak — have seen a 13.4% decline in median earnings over a decade, a drop of nearly $10,000 a year.


"You think everything else is going up, so the rate of pay would go up, but it's not," said Brian Wooldridge, 39, of Newport, Del., who's looking for an inventory control job that pays $3 an hour less than he once earned doing the same thing.


Other findings:


•Poverty.  An estimated 15% of Americans — 46.2 million — lived in poverty last year, essentially unchanged from 2010.


•Health insurance.  The share of Americans without health coverage at any time during the year fell to 15.7% in 2011, down from 16.3% in 2010.  The drop partly reflects the early stages of the health care overhaul, such as allowing parents to insure children up to age 26, Johnson said.


Household income was down 4.1% from 2009 when President Obama took office and 4.7% lower than George's Bush's last year in 2008 and 6.7% lower than his first year in 2001.


Census counts as income only cash received on a regular basis, such as wages, Social Security and unemployment checks.  It doesn't include the value of Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, the Earned Income Tax Credit, most employer benefits or capital gains from the sale of stocks or businesses.


Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said the numbers show that Obama "pretends that he's the candidate of the middle class," but he's really "the candidate that's pushed the middle class into poverty."


In public Obama he treats the rich like one big punching bag, but in private he is begging for donations and their support!  He is one of them!


Just to set things straight - Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich and give to the poor!  That is oversimplified and inaccurate!!!


Robin Hood took back the people's stolen stuff BACK from an oppressive CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT (Kings/Queens - dictatorship of monocracy) and gave it back to the people that worked, produced, and OWNED the stuff in the first place!!!


"There is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire, if you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and complain.  Do something to make more money yourself - spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working.


When governments target the rich, they really hurt the middle and lower classes.


The terrible millionaires and billionaires can often invest in other countries.  And if they do suffer, what does that really mean?  Maybe their teenagers don't get the cars they wanted or a better beach house or maybe the holiday to Europe is cut short; But otherwise life goes on for these millionaires and billionaires."


Those who really suffer from anti-business and anti-investor policies are regular workers who usually vote for the anti-business socialist parties, if you want to help the poor and our next generation, make investment, reinvestment, and businesses welcome.


You can't get rich without working hard, taking risks, investing and reinvesting your profits."


- World's richest woman Australian Billionaire Gina Rinehart

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