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23 Things to Think About Before Voting in November

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Guest Blog by Paul B.


To all my friends of every political persuasion:

Before you vote in November, please consider the following 23 things!

1. Obama is the first President to have applied to a college for college aid as a foreign student with a different name than he now uses (Barry Soetero) who denies that he is a foreigner.  I'm not a 'birther' I am just curious and remember it was Hilary Clinton who is a birther and started all of this.  This is why Obama doesn’t want his college records opened!!!

2. He has a social security number from a state in which he has never lived!  (Connecticut)

3.  He is the first President to preside over a credit rating cut to the United States.  It is being cut again!

4. He has violated the War Powers Act.

5. He has been held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

6. He is the first President to sign a law requiring that Americans purchase a product from a 3rd party.  (OBAMACARE MANDATE)  He also is stealing $716B from Medicare to fund Obamacare. 

7. He abrogated bankruptcy law to turn over companies to the UAW, thus robbing bondholders who received nothing.  (Hope you were not holding any of those bonds.)  His takeover of the auto industry destroyed more jobs that saved them (except for union jobs at GM and Chrysler)!

8. He by-passed congress to implement the 'Dream Act' (de-facto illegal alien amnesty) through executive fiat.

9. He ordered secret amnesty for illegal aliens by stopping deportation of illegal immigrants (aliens) including those with criminal convictions.

10. First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

11. He arbitrarily declared that an existing law was unconstitutional and told the DOJ not to enforce it.  (DOMA)

12. Presided over the first administration to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.  (Boeing)

13. He has filed lawsuits against States he swore an oath to protect, namely, AZ, WI, OH and IN.

14. First president to hire 45 'czars' to replace a cabinet that requires Senate approval.  They answer to him alone!

15. Has surrounded himself with left wing radicals including his earliest friends in Chicago.

16. Still hides his medical and educational and pre-election travel records.  The reasons are obvious to anyone with a brain and the logical conclusions are not pretty.

17. Won the Nobel Peace prize for doing NOTHING!

18. He presided over increasing the national debt by 6 Trillion (more than all precedents that preceded him put together.

19. This week he witnessed the murder of our Libyan Ambassador along with three marines and instead of denouncing the murdering Muslims, he apologized to the murderous mob for the 'misuse of free speech' by an unknown person who put a trailer on u-tube!  He in effect wants Americans to be censored.  He personally has no problem insulting Christians or Catholics by forcing us to pay for Obamacare, which requires that we support abortion and contraception even if it is contrary to our beliefs.

20. He has criticized Romney for being critical of the administration response to the above but had NO problem continually criticizing Bush, McCain when he ran.

21. For his entire term he has taken no responsibility for anything but continues to 'blame Bush'!  (Note that the democrats had control of both houses of congress for two years before the "crash" and they were totally responsible for the beginnings of the financial crisis because of their failure to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from destroying the real estate market with loose borrowing practices.  These were pushed and passed by the democrats at the insistence of Barny Frank and Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters.  Add to that the Dodd Frank regulatory bill.  Do not forget that the fact is that Bush and his cabinet warned against all of this and were ignored.

22. Obama has attended less than 50% of his intelligence briefings since his start.  In addition, after making a brief statement in the Rose garden after the attacks on three of our embassies and murder of our marines and diplomats he flew off to Vegas for a 'fund raiser'!

23. He is pulling out of Afghanistan after telling the enemy of his plans in advance.  He is presiding over the decimation of our military.  He pulled out of Iraq, which is now under the influence of Iran and the Muslim extremists.

I could go on like this for days since I have left out a lot and have barely scratched the surface. 


I believe he is not incompetent but rather intends to destroy our economy, military, and world power.  His only desire is to make sure he is re-elected so that he can finish the job of destroying our way of life and the vision begun by our founding fathers. 


I believe he is not simply misguided but rather someone who is acting against the best interests of this country intentionally.  I say that without apology because the above history bears that out! 


My hope is that Change will take place and that he is removed from office as well as all of the democrat leaders such as Reid and Pelosi who have destroyed the democrat party that was so dear to my parents.  Were they alive today they would not know that party! 


Consider the above and vote.


If you vote to re-elect him or any democrat, all I can say is that you will bear responsibility for our decline. 


BTW, I hope Romney and Ryan continue to point out all this stuff but especially this weeks disastrous foreign policy fiasco.  Obama has lost the Middle East by promoting the so-called Arab Spring and dissing our ally Israel.


He has no clue who are allies are or aren’t!


He has refused to meet with Netanyahu (due no doubt to fundraising priorities) but has time to meet with the head of the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt who is doing nothing to protect our embassy and a David Letterman stop!!  I say to you priorities!!!

The mainstream media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC, etc are criminally negligent for their bias and failure to vet Obama in 2008 and are the same now.


If that is where you get all of your information, you are sadly lacking in truthful information.  We already know the ones who get it from John Stewart and Colbert are sadly lacking in the ability to understand information and truth! 


Vote for Obama if you like but for those who do I can only question your intelligence.

This is my opinion and you can check it out for yourself.  If you don't agree or don't like it... you know where the delete or back button is! 

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