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Cudahy Info and Rumors

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So it is that time again that we find ourselves with a City that just doesn’t want to get information to the public!  It makes me think that underhanded things happen and are happening.  This leads us to have to fish for information and lets rumors fly.  Well you know I will air them out and let things fall where they may.  Flush them out and bring light to them in a city so bent on keep people in the dark which keeps the rumor mill working overtime.


It still blows me away that the Cudahy School District doesn’t have email addresses for the School Board Members.  It runs counter to a City wanting to have the public knowing and engaged.


That this information how you want to!  File it in the truth or rumor column how you see fit!


Cudahy School District


Cudahy’s test results show a 1 point above MPS and is nothing to be proud of. 


This statement from someone with in the School System –


“It just shows that Mr. Heiden is taking the district in the wrong direction, and again, no accountability.”


Reader comment –


“Interesting, that anything on the schools never gets much of a comment.  While they control almost 50 percent of the tax dollars, in a School District, this never draws much comment.”


This info provided by a concerned Cudahy Citizen –


“In school news, they pass a 3% level increase and the rumor mill has it that Mr. Heiden, now a PhD, got a $20k raise compliments of the school board.  I guess Act 10 gave school boards and administration the tools they needed.  The school board voted to raise their salary, which has not been increased in about 17 years.  Truly amazing that most communities are pass zero or next to zero levy increases, but here in Cudahy 3% and a referendum in November (that will pass!) and supposedly no levy increase. 


Truly sad that when you go to a Cudahy football game, you get a commercial about the referendum at least 3 x per game.  When do the people who don't want it to pass get their commercial? 


Oh wait another tool for the school district to use.  And thus, our district test scores are 1% better than MPS (not saying much!).  Soon we will set our standard after the Chicago Public Schools, where only 4% go off to College.”


This info from a Concerned Cudahy Citizen -

“Randy I am hearing that the Cudahy School District wants the tax levy increased because of the WANT to install new alarm systems at the schools.  I haven’t heard of break ins at the schools that would warrant money in this bad economy when our students are doing so poorly to be used!”


Reader comment to me –


“Randy I hear some alarm systems are one of the reasons for the proposed tax levy increase.  You can buy a lot of security for the 20 grand they gave Heiden.  The school alarms are a part of the referendum to keep our children warm dry and safe.  That used to be called Capital improvements in a budget.”


City of Cudahy City Hall


I am hearing from a few people that our Economic Director is looking for a job closer to his home.  I also hear he is burning the candle at both ends is very sleepy or maybe a sleeping disorder or the coffee machine at City Hall is broke!


From a reader – “He came from Saukville I believe so it would be no great loss.  He has done nothing here.  When I drive past the Wal-Mart being built in South Milwaukee and look at the Northshore, Oak Creek, and Franklin, or anywhere else and see the development happening, it makes me sad to see once again the direction Cudahy is headed.  Packard Plaza losing Merchandise Outlet and Aldi's (Dunham’s next?) will be a ghost town soon.  Then you wonder why Cudahy is in the shape it in.”


I think Mayor Day wants Dennis Broderick to run again so he can pull the pin on the change to administrator in 2013, and Dennis just quits, or fades off.


If they don't bring back the administrator for a vote by November, my suspicion would be that they change the salary ordinances so low, that it would not be attractive for anyone to run.  I am not sure what I am going to do yet, but I am watching closely.  Day is so impressed with MJL, and again, I think either her or Ryan is being groomed for administrator.


Mayoral info -


Local rumors:  No sightings of Tony Day, including at City Hall.  Many people are commenting that he has become another McCue and is never there.


Day keeps telling people in the inner circle he is not running. 



Aldermanic info -


A congratulation I am told is in order.  District 3 Alderman Mark Otto got married this summer and his Best Man was former Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue.


I hear someone else is going to run for Aldermen in District 5.  I don't have a name yet, but it appears to be someone fed up with how things are being run.


Otherwise, I am not hearing much of anything other than that Tony is looking for candidates who are city administrator favorable to run. 


I am pretty sure that Mike Clark is going to run for alderman.

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