Five Awesome (and Educational) iPad Apps for Kids

I have an iPad.   I must say, it is one of the favorite gadgets I have ever, ever, ever owned.  I use it for email.  I use it to read books.  I use it to watch missed TV shows (Netflix).  I use it to keep track of my calendar, create to-do lists, interact with friends via Facebook, take notes during meetings, play Scrabble, and keep track of money.  I even have an app to keep track of how much calories I eat per day. (I avoid that one!)

My kids also play with the iPad.  I try to have some education games for them when they use it.  (There is only so much I can take of Plants Vs Zombies and Fruit Ninja.)   iPad, along with all mobile Apple products,  has so many educational games.  The list could be in the 1,000s.  There are some games, I even enjoy.  (A lot). 

Here are some of my favorite (education) iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone apps for kids.

Stack the States

(.99 iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone)

Geography has always been difficult to teach my kids. They find it boring. However, with Stack the States, teaching geography facts is fun for my kids.  You answer a geography question and if you’re correct, the state is stacked on a platform. Your goal is to stack states to a certain height. When you reach your goal you’re awarded a random state with the ultimate goal of collecting them all!

Bobo and Light

(4.99 iPad)

This is a awesome science interactive book that takes iPad’s amazing graphic capabilities and turns them into a roller-coaster ride of science!   Very cute and cool.  This app takes fundamental scientific concepts, and combines it with humor and neat graphic effects. My 8 year old loves this app. It makes him laugh out loud.  I do try to slow my son down in this game, so I know he is understanding the concepts. Again, the imagery of this app is amazing.

Oregon Trail 

(.99, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone)

Did you play this game as a kid?  I did.  Now they have remade the game for our kids.  Just like the real pioneers, your goal is to overcome the journey to Oregon in America's Wild West. I think I learned more about this part of American History from this game than in school.

Presidents Vs Aliens  

(.99, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone)

This game makes learning about the president's so much fun!  As you learn presidential facts, quotes, nicknames, and historical events, you then use what you learn to help the presidents win over the aliens.  Fling the presidents at the aliens to knock them all down.  Use the many special objects and Executive Powers to advance.  You also earn a president for every successfully completed level.  The goal is to earn all the presidents.  My oldest son and I played this game so much, we solved it!


(.99, iPad)

My eight year old came home from school talking about this game.  Chicktionary is addicting!  Unscramble a roost full of letters to create as many words as you can think of. Each hen has a letter. Touch the hens to spell words. The press Enter to submit the word into the egg crates. The more words you create, the more points you earn!

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