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Observations on So Called Friends Part 1

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So as you know I am brutally honest and that is the way I have always been.  I don’t sugar coat things or walk on eggshells, I will however use tack to get my point across.  I backup my opinions with facts, figures and the truth.  This is not to say I am perfect or don’t make mistakes because I do.  I learn from them and grow.


This last two years because of the political division we are in NOT because of Governor Walker or Mitt Romney, but because of the Liberals, Public Union, and President Obama.  Their attacks, divisiveness, class warfare, jealously and the inability to accept things is the reason.  Remember Conservatives were born out of the need to counter Liberalism and TEA Party was born out of the inability of Republicans to counter Obama!


I have told you I have more liberal friends and acquaintances.


Well this week I lost one on FaceBook.  He posted what amounts to lies about Romney, Ryan and Walker and I defended it with backed up facts and figures which show he is wrong!  I told him everyone is entitled to opinions just not facts.  He didn’t like that and told me that he is so sick and tired of me getting history, facts, figures, and dates to disprove his points.  Now I am only 1 of 5 Conservative FaceBook friends he has with a few Moderates with most of them are Liberal like he is.  He needs and wants echo chamber friends to keep reinforcing his political belief system because if he dares to look at them based on facts they cannot and will not stand up!


So I noticed he unfriended me and blocked me from becoming friends and then he emailed me this,


It was a mistake to let you as a friend.  I am an educator and my students are on my Facebook and your constant counterposts are making me look bad in front of my students and I will not stand for it.  Do not contact me!




Well I was making him look bad as an educator for NOT using facts and figures and showing he was stating opinions as facts.  Yes I am guilty as charged!  WOW our education system of indoctrination is in full bloom.


Hardly ever, could he discount or disprove the facts and figures I posted.  I posted sources which were not some blogs like he did.


Now he does come to the blog and read, but he will not comment as he told me he cannot control the content as in the past he has deleted my FaceBook comments when he didn’t like them!  Now most of you know that I will let comments stand as long as they are on topic and don’t break the Now rules.  I love countering the comments and blowing holes in them when people think what they are giving are facts when instead they are giving is opinions and claiming they are facts.


You are allowed to express you opinion, no matter how idiotic or brave it is!


As a wise man once said, "Sir, you are entitled to your opinion, but not your own set of facts.”


I believe everyone is entitled to his/her opinions or schadenfreude – however correct or misguided, incorrect, clouded, or wrong it may be!  Just stop claiming your opinion is a fact and the truth because it makes you look so silly and ignorant!


There are two sides to every story.  This blog is my opinion and your comments are your opinion and FaceBook is no different!


I love passionate and opinionated people who have strong opinions, let’s just hope they are based in facts and not fiction.


Having a dissenting opinion isn't something to be concerned about, unless someone points out massive holes in your logic and you stick to it anyway.


I have an opinion and it is based on facts as I have read, sorted through with some common sense, and ultimately understand them.  If someone wants to present me with a case in point based on a more correct version of the facts, I will listen.  I might even change my mind.  If you are on the other hand a close minded contentious person, then it is pretty unlikely that I will even listen.  I don't have to compromise anything to have an open mind and be civil.


Not too long ago I lost a husband and wife as friends on FaceBook who I thought were friends but turns out NOT I guess (one turned liberal from being a centrist and the other a moderate).  My offense, ignorance on my part and on their part not being able to read what I wrote but instead seeing what they wanted to see.


Case in point – I stated you cannot walk in someone else’s shoes (even backed that up “You Cannot Walk in Someone Else's Shoes” in an awesome post and those are not my words) and stated that I understand the frustrations you have and understand that no one besides the two of you know the dynamics of your situation and your



Nowhere in those two statements does it say that they don’t know what it's like to walk in my son's shoes any more than then I do.  I state no one can walk in someone else’s shoes.  Those two statements are not the same.


This proves my point.  You don't really observe things objectively.  You just precede from your own preconceived prejudices.  If it conforms to your already formed opinion, you 'hear' it.  If it doesn't, you somehow miss the facts.


Then again, guilty or innocent doesn’t matter to some and just about all liberals.  Reminds me of the Transformers Quintessons.


Quintesson Justice

Oh well, you see what you want to see and do what you want to do!


Last year, I lost a longtime friend because I pointed out his follies when it comes to politics and he could not handle the things I was pointing out, took them personally, and failed at self-reflection.  He thought he was a Conservative when in reality he was and is a Moderate.  There is nothing wrong with that as long as you know where you are.  He kept claiming the he WAS a Conservative, stated Scott Walker was a RINO and not a Conservative, and made a slight swipe of the same sorts to Paul Ryan.


In all these cases, I held them as friends, but even with friends I am not different when debating, playing games, or in my honesty!  I will defend my friends without believing in their causes or opinions because that is the right thing to do.  I would and will do anything for my friends!


The thing is they all didn’t like having to learn things about themselves that I would point out.  They were not tolerant of descending opinions and in many cases just really need to be in groups of likeminded people to feel better about their convictions and opinions.


People in the past have stated I am “bludgeoning people”, intimidate people, and mean.  I have even been called the bully!  Funny, the bully one came from another blogger who will not post my comments but I let their comments stand and their blog was an attack blog just about me!  Yes you read that correct, they put up the blog and 99% of the posts (about 30) were all about me, attacking me!


Intimidate people, hmm, Am I heavy handed, you bet!  Harsh, yup!  Blunt, oh yeah!  Brutally honest and a straight shooter, most certainly!  I don’t name call, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use wit and creative writing to my advantage.  Odd that I am the only conservative on this blog site and if you want someone to agree with you, there are plenty of other blogs to do just that.  I don’t have to be fair and balanced.


Intimated, I can tell you how those that don’t like me and wish my blog was taken down have tried real intimidation!  There are police reports for that besides contacting the journal to remove it.


Not being mean, using satire, ridicule and wit to get the point across since common sense and standard reasoning has failed.


"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" as said by those incapable of its proper application and as such suffer from it a lot.


I do ask people to back up their claims with facts and figures and be able to reason their opinions.  That is what debate is.  Do I scare people off, sure, yet they keep coming back.  I am highly opinionated and passionate about what I write and think about.  Do remember, I don’t get paid for this and anyone can get their own blog, they are free.  What stops people, is having to put their name on something and own it.


How can you be intimated when you are not using your name?


Well if I make a mindless comment, and get challenged on it, I had better be able to come up with something to back it up and logically reason through it.  Or...rightfully get hammered on it.  But that's exactly why I don't make comments I can't back up.  It's really quite easy to do.


We are all entitled to our opinions with whom we disagree, but whose right to a different opinion we respect as long as the person respects yours!  That allows people of different political and social persuasions to voice their opinions with freedom and without fear of retribution which includes being unfriended from FaceBook, having political signs stolen or ripped up, tires slashed, car keyed, front window shot out or son’s grave site vandalized!


I guess I should be grateful that people nowadays on how civil this discourse compared to what our founding fathers said about each other.  The founding fathers disagreed with King George.  They went to war over it.  Then again the gravity of those differences was far greater than hey Paul Ryan has polities I don’t like and war was needed. 


So I think people nowadays are less civilized in freedoms and free speech and tolerance of others.  It all boils down to intolerance for opinions different from one's own and the respect of it!


Now all of these so called friends I have lost still come to the blog.  A few have told me I burnt or burned the bridge and to all of them I told I am not going to say I am sorry just to say I am sorry and a burnt bridge can always be rebuilt!


What I know is when someone is confronted with having to learn something unpleasant or not how they perceive about themselves and are confronted with something that rules counter to it, they take it personal and lash out!  They attack the messenger rather than confront the truth or the fact that their perceivement is out of date, inaccurate, or just wrong!


I am the first to admit when I am wrong or not so right!  I am always growing and learning.  I never want to sit in ignorance or think what I perceive to be if they are not!  I am a big enough person to accept those things, change, and grow.  I wait to see the facts and don’t rush to judgment!


Can you say the same?  Can you admit when a knee jerk reaction, over reaction, or you were wrong and admit it?


In the end, only God judges you and your actions, not I.


Never judge me by your standards!


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