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Run John Hohenfeldt For Cudahy Mayor, Please Run!

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I happen to run into former Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt.  The first thing I said to him is please run for Cudahy Mayor, please run!  We need you!


Cudahy currently has a dysfunctional government when it comes to development!  They cannot even update the Economic Development website so how much hope and promise does that show businesses wanting to come to Cudahy???


It doesn’t! 


It says, “We are too lazy to update the website and don’t really care!  But hey the truth just might be we are inept at doing so and we are not serious about development, we just don’t want people to know that!”


Real development in Cudahy is as rare as a pink polka-dotted zebra!


Cudahy is bleeding money and businesses and we need someone to apply a tourniquet.


Hohenfeldt said while he was working as a Substitute Teacher over the last 2 years, many young people are encouraging him to run again for Mayor and rightfully so!


He said he is also been approached and continues to be approached by residents of Cudahy about running for Mayor and for very good reason. 


Results!!!  That's it in a nutshell.


Under his leadership and administration the most economic development in the last 10 years in Cudahy occurred during his term, the two Walgreens, Northshore Bank, Library Square Condos, expansion of Fed Ex and a new building in the industrial park off of Pennsylvania, worked with the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County to get the land on Pennsylvania and Layton into a developers hands and on the tax roll, and the beginning of the foreclosure action on the failed Poweraid Iceport all happen under his watch!


He worked to build a business friendly environment to attract new business into the community, something that is drastically missing in Cudahy with the last two mayors!


He delivered realistic city budgets that preserved services and delivered budget surpluses rather than deficit budgets without tricks and shell games!


He began thinking about it when rumors this summer started circulating about Mayor Day not wanting to return, or change to an administrator without a referendum for the citizens to decide if that is the direction Cudahy wants to go.


Right now under Mayor Tony Day just as it was under Mayor Ryan McCue, Cudahy is bleeding money and businesses and we need someone to apply a tourniquet.  I cannot stress that enough!!


From the lack of development and economic misfortunates bestowed upon Cudahy from Mayor Day and Mayor McCue, it looks like they have been wandering the desert for years aimlessly.


It is almost as if Mayor Day and Mayor McCue are consulting/consulted and asking/asked the Magic Eight Ball how to run the City of Cudahy!


When it comes to economic development, Cudahy is like an old black and white photo and not a color one.  Cudahy isn't even a 1970's Technicolor diamond cut finish photo.  In some ways Cudahy is a scratched and torn black and white negative.


John Hohenfeldt come forward and announce soon that you will enter the 2013 Cudahy mayoral race because right now we have Mayor Tony Day who will run and possibility a very very far left liberal blogger (and that is being nice) who is considering in running for Mayor.  Think of this, if Liberal policies and ideals worked California, Detroit, Italy, Greece and most of Europe would all be Super Powers instead they are in financial ruin and rapidly going down.  So much for the smart ones!!!


We don’t need an, I like all taxes, fees and bigger government tax and spend liberal running around with the key to Cudahy, we need someone who is pro-business and has experience at getting things done!


We could use a superhero, but they don’t exist, so let’s get the next best thing then!


Mayor Hohenfeldt was not perfect and I was very tough on him, but he got results!  And in the end your results have to and will do the talking!


We need John Hohenfeldt as Cudahy’s Mayor!!!!


So please come forward soon so your supporters can start to get the word out because Mayor Day’s backers (the old/ole guard) will be pushing hard soon.

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