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Is Cudahy's Economic Development in the Twilight?

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So in South Milwaukee Dollar General announces it is expanding its store there and in Cudahy Saturday September 22nd Aldi's closed down for good.


In South Milwaukee they have a new Wal-Mart being built and in Cudahy we have a dirt pile!


So where are all of these developments we were all told would be announced in Cudahy?


Please someone tell me!!


Please someone tell anyone!!!!


Not that bars don’t have a place in Cudahy but adding another one is not exciting or a major positive.


Oh, I am hearing Cudahy’s City Lounge might close or looking for a new owner.  I am sorry to hear that and Wisconsin’s smoking ban might have something to do with it since it affected his business plan of a smoke free bar environment.  You can classify it as a rumor at this point. 


People I am telling you from the CDA to the Common Council, to the Economic Development department and Mayor Day we just have incompetent anemic people, people who think they know better, people who are in outer space, people that shrug their shoulders and say what are we to do it is the private sector and private businesses (what about all the land the city owns who is marketing it), people who just don’t know they live or work in Cudahy and where Cudahy is on the map, people who just like to hear themselves talk.


I get emails all the time saying why am I so mad and angry in my posts.  I tell these people if you are NOT mad and angry about what is going on something is wrong with you!  You just don’t get the gravity of the situation and how much incompetency is going on!


It hurts me inside to see Cudahy slowly dying and the powers that be just don’t give a damn to make things happen!


Developers keep telling me that Cudahy’s development arms don’t know how to work together or get on the same level.


Developers tell me Cudahy isn’t serious about development and way too many of the powers that be seem to think Cudahy is the next Elm Grove and have no clue who or what Cudahy is! 


No I hear that Cudahy City Hall wants to hire an Economic assistant at $40,000 plus full benefits bring the cost to taxpayers to $70,000.


Let me be fair, 10% of their job would be helping Mary Jo Lange out in the DPW and Engineering.


These half and half workers don’t work out.


Remember our half (part time) Brian Biernat Cudahy's Director of Economic Development and the other half of his time is working for the Building Inspectors making him a full time worker!


Now I am told 80% of his time is being taken up doing inspections instead of working for development in Cudahy.


No wonder we have no development going on, the ship is on autopilot.


Here is a novel idea, if Brian Biernat is hired to do the Economic Development let him do his job and he wouldn’t need an assistant.


People, contact Mayor Day and your Alderperson, and tell them we don’t need an assistant at taxpayer’s expense for time mismanagement!


Mayor Tony Day

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: (414) 769-2222


1st District Alderperson

Name: Joseph Mikolajczak

Phone Number: (H) 763-5105

Address: 3754 E. Plankinton Ave.

E-mail Address:


2nd District Alderperson

Name: Mary Schissel

Phone Number: (H) 744-0420

Address: 3836 E. Munkwitz Ave.

E-mail Address:


3rd District Alderperson 

Name: Mark Otto

Phone Number: (H) 769-6626

Address: 3324 E. Mallory Ave.

E-mail Address:


4th District Alderperson 

Name: Jason Litkowiec

Phone Number: (H) 489-9287

Address: 3707 E. Dale Ave.

E-mail Address:


5th District Alderperson     

Name: Richard Bartoshevich

Phone Number: (H) 769-1889

Address: 5962 S. Robert Ave.

E-mail Address:


Brian Biernat

E-mail Address:



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