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Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik Attended the 2012 Cudahy Night Out

Cudahy National Night Out, Milwaukee County, Patricia Jursik, Sheriff David Clark

Well readers, Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik wants us to know she did attend the 2012 Cudahy Night Out.  So I was wrong!  She did attend and I will let you make up your mind as to why!


What was that saying, if a tree falls and no one is around, did the tree make noise!


Well here is her correction, might I also add she took up offense with Sheriff Clark again this past few weeks.


County Supervisor Corrects Misinformation

By Patricia Jursik


Oct. 12, 2012


County Supervisor Patricia Jursik attended Cudahy National Night Out (NNO) and welcomed the hard-working Sheriff's deputies who attended. Since Jursik is an elected official, she takes her participation at annual NNO events seriously and also attended NNOs in South Milwaukee and St. Francis. Supervisor Jursik made it a point to not only thank the Sheriff's deputies in attendance but also the local police chiefs and their officers.


Citizens may express their opinion on whether elected officials attend or not (with the FACT being that Supervisor Jursik did attend). However, when supervisors are elected to represent the entire city, one constituent's opinion not to attend should not veto the right of every other citizen in the community.


Likewise, the South Shore communities elected a County supervisor who meticulously evaluates all County expenses. Especially at a time when budgets are tight, citizens expect this sort of scrutiny.


Well people I can tell you that the Cudahy National Night Out’s Organizer and the elected representation I talked to didn’t know Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik was in attendance and I am sure her reasoning for coming was just to keep people interested in her for future votes.


It is sad when we have such pandering for votes given her feeling for Sheriff Clark and his horses and I stand by my convections.  People, think about what was said, and then look at what she does!  She took the NNO so seriously that she didn’t even thank the organizer.  He didn’t know she was in attendance!


Hey should we do an open record request and see if people were for Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik to attend the Cudahy National Night Out?


We have to file that and keep a copy since it will be chucked full of good nuggets now and in the future!


We need someone to start and think seriously for running against her, my pick would be First District Cudahy Alderman Joseph Mikolajczak.  I would hate to lose him in Cudahy but he would do I better job that Supervisor Patricia Jursik.


Even Alderman Mark Otto would be better than Supervisor Patricia Jursik and I would vote for him against her any day!


Milwaukee County Pensions Vote


Supervisor Patricia Jursik signed the recall of Scott Walker – one can draw that she doesn’t agree with Act 10


Oh yeah on that, “meticulously evaluates all County expenses”, Supervisor Pat Jursik Votes Yes to Waste $65,000 Taxpayer's Dollars – enough said!!!!



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