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Email from my Inbox - Reader on Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik

Email, , Milwaukee County, Patricia Jursik, Sheriff David Clark

“Randy I have no idea what you are talking about that Pat Jursik has a current tiff with Sheriff David Clark.  Are you friends with Sheriff David Clark?”


No I am not friends with him.  I have talked with him many times and I respect him and think he is doing a great job and dislike Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik attempts to circumvent his elected authority and attempt to corral him with strings attached to money.  Sheriff Clark does his budget per state law and Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik doesn’t like that!


Then again Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik can claim all she wants that she is non-political, we know different.  She is as Liberal as they come!  Just drop the pretense Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik you are not fooling anyone.  Follow in former Milwaukee County Supervisor and Former Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue and let your true political feelings know, I was told McCue has embraced them and likes the freedom.


As far as the “Current Tiff”:


Official wants Sheriff Clarke to cooperate more with board, Abele


By Steve Schultze of the Journal Sentinel Oct. 9, 2012


Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik said Tuesday it's time to bring community pressure to bear on Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. to cooperate with the County Board, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and judges.


Clarke's recalcitrance on several issues, including virtually shutting down electronic monitoring of low-risk inmates this year, is costing taxpayers money and hobbling programs, Jursik said.


"The sheriff is not an island; he does need to come here and cooperate with us," Jursik said, during a budget review session of the board's finance committee.  She called on supervisors and others to join her in making the case to the public that Clarke's lack of cooperation has had detrimental results.


"Just because he wears a cowboy hat and cowboy boots and rides a horse doesn't mean he's tough on crime," Jursik said.


She acknowledged criticism of Clarke carried risks because of his public safety appeals and Clarke's support from conservative talk radio.


In an interview, Jursik said she'll seek to make any funding the board might add to Clarke's budget contingent on his signing a contract outlining how the money would be spent.  Jursik said she was proposing that because Clarke did not spend $1.5 million the board added to his 2012 budget the way it was intended.


Even with that sum included, Clarke's budget for this year was cut by $11 million.


Clarke has maintained he's not bound to follow the letter of county budgets on spending, citing his status as an independently elected constitutional officer.


With that in mind, Jursik wants to make any relief the board might consider to trims Abele wants contingent on a written deal with Clarke.


Jursik also suggested an end-run around Clarke's authority over determining how sentenced inmates serve their time to resurrect a nearly moribund electronic monitoring program by designating a superintendent of the County Correctional Facility-South to run a monitoring program.  Under state law, only the sheriff or the superintendent gets a say on use of electronic monitoring.


The County Board agreed to place that facility under Clarke nearly four years ago and abolished the superintendent position.  Jursik said Clarke had done a good job in resolving problems in that operation, which had been called dysfunctional in a federal report.


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