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Some Low Life Stole My Romney/Ryan Yard Sign

2012 Election, Democrats, Liberals, Mitt Romney, Obama, Those Kind and Tolerant Liberals

Well folks another election year where in Cudahy someone steals my Republican sign.  And I am not taking the liberal talking point that it “must have been kids” or “the right does it as well”.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No, my sign was targeted!  They took it during the day and didn’t bother my neighbor’s signs.  No, this just like in years past, targeted me personally!


See, the left mostly liberals are and always have been the dirty underhanded ones.  They, in their minds, concoct these justifications that he right does it so it okay for them to.


Here is the truth – If you take real cases and not the ones where the left damages or steal their own signs and claim someone on the right did it and compare that to the right side and you would see 10 to 1.


The left is the true side of hate and the one that makes every attempt to circumvent the laws and rules.  One only needs to the Capitol Building and those occupiers who were breaking the law to understand it.


The left is the party of by any means necessary!


The left knows in a fair fight politically they cannot win which is why they cheat.  Which is the real reason they fear Voter ID.  You know it and I know it!

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