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The Local Left Is Getting Unhinged!!!

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So local far liberal left wing-nut blogger Zachary Wisniewski proves that the left is getting desperate and unhinged!


For one, so many of the liberals take issue with the fact that I am an Alpha-Male and it must bother Zach, but let’s concentrate on the issue at hand.


The “Alpha Male” gets it wrong on Kyle Wood


Poor young Padawan learner Zach, he tries to insinuate that I, me, Randy Hollenbeck got the story wrong and I lied!  He uses the category of liar liar pants on fire!!!  Where is the lie?


As if I was the only one, as if I was the reporter, as if I was the one who reported this to the police.  I am telling you Zach lives in his own mind somewhere other than reality. 


Now he rushes to his blog (as he does when he is not just copying a pasting the Huffington Post‎ - and you can check on that for yourself) @ 7:31pm to say and scream that I didn’t post a retraction or correction and I did that at 10/29/12 @ 10pm when I got home. 


Thanks for that additional traffic – and NOT one person on his blog post or mine commented.


Side note - (Zach has a special interest of me dating back to the Cudahy Wal-Mart days and the 2008 election)


He then attempts to say that I was off base - I posted the original story on 10/27/12 @ 5am (Wisconsin GOP Worker Attacked In a Gay-bashing Hate Crime!!) and the updated one at 10/29/12 @ 6am (Yep, Those Liberals Are So Nice).  


Oh, forgot to mention – the story that Kyle Wood was retracting his statement was published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at 6:22pm (take a look at the screenshot for proof - Kyle Wood Retracts His Story).


He then pokes fun that my original titled called it a hate crime, well if it was true it would have been.  This gives us a glimpse into his mind, hate crimes don’t happen to those the right!  I find this disturbing given his job.


Zach, just stop posting and go watch some more Veggie Tales.  Just think Zach if you were not so thinned skinned you would have kept your blog on the Now Sites  and Zach I have the email from Mark Malley to back that up.  You could have counter me right on the Now blogs!!!  Oh wait, I am the only conservative blogging on the Bay View, South Milwaukee, Cudahy and Saint Francis Now site. 


And I stand behind the fact that the left is resorting to physical violence!  The Wisconsin Senator’s son is proof of that!


Those Friendly Liberals!!!!

The local left is very scared that Romney has made it even with Obama or passing him, so I expect things like this.  I expect things like my Romney/Ryan sign to be taken!  The left is a bunch of cry-bullies that are used to getting their way and if they don’t…


Be afraid folks.  Be very afraid.  Pettiness. 


"If I can't have it, I'll destroy it" / “If I can't have toys then I'll break them all!”


Or this is headed for court.  Can you already hear the left whispering hanging and pregnant chads?


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