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Obama Said Vote for Revenge!!

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“'No, No don't boo, vote, you know, voting is the best revenge,” - President Obama Friday November 2, 2012 in Springfield, Ohio


Yes that is very presidential indeed – NOT!!!!  Doesn’t it sound desperate?


So what did Mitt Romney say –

"Not only will I take office on January 20th, I'll take responsibility!”  - Mitt Romney on Friday November 2, 2012 in West Allis, WI


Now that is Presidential!!!!!!


If a choice of revenge or responsibility, I will gladly take responsibility any day!


Now on to that revenge thing.


Revenge - Getting Even


 The passion for revenge is strong and sometimes almost overwhelming.  But our intuitive logic about revenge is often twisted, conflicted, parochial, and dangerous.  Revenge is a primitive, destructive, and violent response to anger, injury, or humiliation.  It is a misguided attempt to transform shame into pride.  Many governments, religions, traditions, and cultures provide guidance on when revenge may and may not be sought.  Unfortunately this guidance is often unsatisfactory because it excludes groups of people, often mistreats women, generally leads to escalation, is unevenly applied, and typically leads to prolonged and escalated violence. Choose another path.



1.The desire to get even,

2.Retaliation for injury, loss, or humiliation,

3.An attempt to transform shame into pride.

4.Seeking symmetrical injury, harm, or loss


Roots: from revengier : re- + vengier, from Latin vindic??re, to avenge again, vindicate.


Revenge is directed passionately at a specific target with the intent of doing them harm because you believe they have intentionally done you harm.  It is the dark side of reciprocity.


Revenge is the hurtful side of reciprocity, and many terms are related to the concept.



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