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Election 2012 - What Went Wrong Part 1

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We cut Obama’s Wisconsin win by half, but I thought we would carry Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida.


And to the people emailing me that the people I voted for all lost, I don’t vote for who I think will win, I vote for who I think will get and do the best job.


It isn’t a guess, you vote on your principles, just because you vote for a candidate that lost doesn’t mean you are wrong, candidates make mistakes that cause them to lose.


People voted in their best interests and not the country, that is what my ex-friend failed to see with the Walker campaign, short-sighted and see only as far as their noses.


One of my friends said Wisconsin people must be “Bipolar” just months ago we reelected Walker with strong numbers and now 6-7% for Obama – well many people on the left didn’t vote in the recall election – I talked to one of my single women friends that has kids, Walker was not going to personally take from her, whereas she felt Romney was going to go after her paid daycare, Badgercare, and so on.


I did talk to a few of my Democrat friends who originally said they were not happy with Obama and just were going to sit home, well after call after call from the Democrats they both felt compelled to vote.


Two of my Democrat converts friends who did vote for Romney and told people at work (big union shop) they were going to vote for Romney – Well they did and as I was told by both (they work together) that they had to listen that they voted for a loser and will not do that again.


We are not a nation ready to face our fiscal responsibilities, curtailing entitlements scares too many people!


Businesses will be the bad guys as they lay off people to pay for the upcoming tax hikes including Obamacare.  People will be mad at businesses when they let them go from health insurance and pay the fine instead.


I don’t think most of this is Monday Quarterbacking because I talked about plenty of it before.


Let’s talk radio ads – too many of the rights ads were on talk shows and not enough on young adult radio like Kiss FM.  We already had our base and we should have been courting the young.  I said this back in 2008.


We didn’t embrace the black vote with supporters like 50 Cent.  He needed to be front and center.  I think Nicki Minaj really did support Romney and then she was told, “Do you know what the backlash will be?” and she then changed and said it was a joke.


We didn’t go looking for young Hispanics that supported us.  They are out there; we just didn’t go mining for them.  I said all of this in 2008 as well.


So what went wrong? 


Well for starters we allowed the media and the Establishment Republicans to mold, shape and select or candidates for President and U.S. Senate into picking the moderate guy.  We saw this with McCain in 2008 and it didn’t fare well for us then and now, same outcome.  Now you can say the best of what we had was there and you would only be half right.  We allowed the media to take out our other guys when they had flubs.  I was a good soldier and backed the guy we had to the best of my ability. 


Let’s look at it in better detail:


President – Mitt Romney he is a moderate that leans conservative. 


We could not fight Obamacare because he was too proud to admit Romneycare is a failure.


Face it the Mormon religious angle was a strike on us.  Come on and be honest, it was.  It gave the left another area of attack.


Romney is a long line of the Establishment Republicans that did their so-called dues and it just was his time.  Baloney, that goes against everything us on the right stand for, the best person for the job and not some arbitrary sonority he is next in line crap!


Romney was too nice of a guy to bring the attack to Obama.  Like it or not, we needed a conservative bulldog.  Romney was best on the first debate and then he moved to the middle where he was comfortable.


Romney chained up and muzzled Ryan.  I said it before, the ticket doesn’t work when the conservative is NOT on the top.  Too much difference in ideology.


Tommy Thompson – another Moderate who was big government and didn’t want to put his own money in the game at first and allowed Tammy to define him and weeks of unanswered points just like in football.


Thompson’s connection to healthcare hurt us and his being a lobbyist.


Throw in Thompson’s aid and his son’s month and that damaged him.  In the end Republicans damaged many of ourselves with stupid comments.


More too come…


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