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My Family's Thanksgiving Meat Stuffing

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Every year I get a few friends emailing me, “Hey growing up when I would come with you for Thanksgiving what was your family’s meat stuffing recipe again, I lost it!”


So, this year I thought I would share it with everyone.  Now this is a meat stuffing and will not be to some people’s liking.


Meat Stuffing




5 to 7 whole gizzards (remove hard stuff – cartilage)

At least 3 packages of giblets (use less if you don’t want liver tasting)

1 whole celery

1 whole package carrots

At least 4 ½ lbs ground beef

5 medium onions

3-4 green peppers

3-4 large uncooked eggs

7 slices of dried out bread or toasted

Salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, sage to taste




Grind up vegetables and meat together you will not be grinding up the ground beef with the rest of ingredients.  If using a hand grinder you may want to use vegetables to help push meat in grinder.  If using electric grinder be careful not to grind to small or into paste.  The mix must have a chucky consisted mixture.    


NOTE – take a little or part of the vegetable meat blood juice to be added back in for more flavors later.


Take your ground up mixture and add your eggs, ground beef, and seasonings in a separate bowl mixing all together.


Add your bread breaking it into pieces to the mixture, and re-add the juice mixture to the bowl.


Cook in a crock-pot on 200-250º F Add ½ stick of butter, and cook until it is slightly pink.  You do not want to under or overcook.


This is great for putting inside a turkey to moisten up the bird.


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