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Jay Weber's State 25 Wish List

Jay Weber, Wisconsin

Here is the WISN 1130 audience’s new/continuing Wish List for Scott Walker and the Republicans in Madison.



1. Bring back TABOR or some permanent taxpayer bill of rights that caps future property tax increases.


2. Pass a true balanced budget amendment that doesn’t allow for fudged budgeting like Doyle did.


3. End the minimum markup law.


4. Revamp the Government Accountability Board to be more impartial or eliminate it completely


5. Eliminate the state income tax on retiree pensions to help keep them in Wisconsin.


6. Freeze the property taxes of retirees to keep retirees here in Wisconsin.


7. Repeal the law that allows the state to kill off Indian team nicknames.


8. Exempt active military from state income taxes.


9. Change the state law to make MATC and other tech school boards accountable to either the governor or the taxpayers.


10. Recall election reform.


11. Legislation that bans lawmakers from fleeing the state to avoid votes and has real consequences.


12. Eliminate the Secretary of State position.


13. Kill off/repeal the bill passed during the Doyle years that requires schools to teach Labor history.


14. Require Drug Testing for all recipients on Public Assistance/Welfare.


15. Pursue the State Sovereignty Resolution.  It basically reaffirms that all powers not explicitly given to the Feds remain with the people and the states.


16. End green energy mandates. They are only driving up our energy costs unnecessarily.


17. Repeal the Doyle increase on the top income tax bracket.

18. Pass the mining bill.


19. Stop in-state college tuition for illegals.


20. End residency rules for city/county employees and teachers.


21. Put all new state employees on a 401k style retirement system.


22. Raise the eligible retirement age for state employees so they cannot retire early and live off of the public pension longer than they ever worked in the first place.


23. Pass a health care freedom amendment. Protect Wisconsinites from being forced into the federal health care system.


24. Expand School Choice statewide.


25. Make Wisconsin a Right-to-Work state.


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