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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Who Am I?

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Well it should not be a shock to anyone that has known me my life or has been following the blog for the last 4+ years that I am an Ultra-Conservative!  It is right there in the bio and in the posts I write.  I don’t hide it whatsoever!


Some may call me a hardliner or hard right winger and I guess that works.  It is more correct and remember we are about being correct (lately) and pointing out the slightest error even if it was done in ignorance (ignorance is not a bad word) that I am an Ultra-Conservative (Arch-Conservative for those who want to use the 60’s word) or I will accept “Tea Partier”.


I am NOT a Republican but do vote that way as it is the closest to how I see things.  I actually show up as a Libertarian when I take the tests and look at ideology with regards to the quadrants.


I am a fiscal conservative and social conservative (on abortion I am considered a moral moderate because I believe in abortion when it comes to rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is at risk). 


I don’t just believe in God, I know there is a God!  I have been touched by God and see his miracles!  I know what religion I am, and just as America was founded on religious freedoms, you can practice whatever religion you want!


I was a small business owner until the down turn of the economy and Obama’s policies took care of my business of 17 years.  I have always been in the private sector and understand the private sector is where the money to fund government comes from.


I feel the government and the workers of government are there to serve the people.  I would feel that way even if I was in government and I don’t see the term public servant as a bad thing.  I understand we are a Republic and NOT a true Democracy and feel strongly as the most important thing is those that represent us in government actually do represent us and NOT their interests.  I would spend the people’s money like it is my own and that is frugal.


I believe in the Right to Bear Arms and believe Our Founding Fathers got it right and the U.S. Constitution is NOT a living document to be interpreted however we feel.


I believe in having ONE main language that all of us use and that language is English.  You can use others all you want at home, in private just as my German, Polish, Irish, and Norwegian families did when the immigrated to America three generations ago.  I am an American!


I believe in doing right more than being right!  I can lead if needed or be the best TEAM player!  I stick to my guns and am as strong as steel.  I know when to be ridged and when to be flexible.


I know communication is the most important thing in life, government, and family and without it things will fail.


I wear my heart on my sleeve and protect it well.  I am compassionate and firm at the same time; I am evenly handed and know when to be heavily handed.  I am blunt, to the point, and don’t like to sugar coat things.  I see things in the black and white with very little grey area.


I am all for green energy as long as it isn’t mandated and subsidized.  Give people the options and let them decide.  My house has LED and CFL lights because I choose to. 


I believe in Global Warming, but not man made global warming and see it as a nature cyclical event that we don’t have all the records for to see.


I see and know FEES and FINES are taxes!  I think small more effective government is better government.   I am Pro Police and Fire along with our Military.


I think and know America is the best place in the world and have no regrets and think we don’t need to make any world apologies.  We are the pinnacle of the world and should be happy and proud.


I am social blind when it comes to the best person for the job in that I don’t see color or  sex as a plus or minus and things need to be based on a person’s abilities and skills.  I want the cream to rise to the top and want the best person for the job to be doing it.


I have more friends that are Liberals, read more of the Liberal sites and firmly believe in compromise when it is needed.  I think both the left and the right can work together.


I have heard that one person has said about me that it is “My way or the highway”! 


Not true at all.  Unlike many liberal blogs including on the Now site, I let the other side speak its mind and not censor, ban or NOT post the comments of the opposing view point!  I am open-minded, but to change my mind you better have the facts, figures and reasoning to back up your claim.  I treat people the same way they treat me.  So if it was “My way or the highway” none of that would take place.  


This is a blog and it isn’t fair and balanced and that is the essences of it.  It is free and you can do one and share your thoughts.  This is “The Way I See It!” and it is right in the name of my blog!



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