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Some Thoughts on K-Mart and Sears Outlet Stores

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From Yahoo News


5 Gift Cards to Avoid for Holiday Shopping


Sears SHLD

This gift card made our list last year.  Other than surviving this long, Sears has done nothing to instill much confidence in its gift card this year, either.


Back in February, it announced plans to spin off Sears Hometown and Outlet stores and sell 11 of its underperforming flagship stores to a real estate firm.  In May, it decided to partially spin off its Sears Canada shops.  Revenue has fallen every quarter this year and the Sears and Kmart brands themselves are just getting smoked by competitors such as Amazon AMZN , Target TGT , Wal-Mart WMT and Kohl's KSS .


Sears and Kmart look and feel old, mostly because the company either doesn't care or doesn't have the cash to make them feel young again.  While bricks-and-mortar competitors spend up to $8 per square foot painting, updating registers and replacing tiles, the International Strategy and investment Group says Sears spends only $1 to $2 per square foot updating its facilities.  If a store looks and feels like the Sears or Kmart you or your family shopped at during the 1980s and 1990s, it's likely because it's changed little since.


This gift card warning applies to Sears, Lands End and Kmart cards, though the latter will likely be the last card in the deck, as Sears Holdings is closing Kmarts at a far slower rate than any of its other shops.


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