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Cudahy Parking Rules

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It is December so Winter Parking rules are in effect.  I think the rules we have in place are very good and work well.


I think the rules we have in effect during the summer, well they might need tweaking.


A neighbor came to me this last summer after not getting anywhere with our Alderman on this very subject.


She lives in a single family home and she has a few cars and has to purchase are parking permit to park on the street.  This was all fine and dandy until they went on a vacation for a few days.  Well you see in Cudahy we have to alternate sides in accordance to odd and even days.


She understands the reasoning with having to do that during the snowy months but during the summer months it really doesn’t make sense.  She reasons that if you have a permit it should be just fine not to alternate sides and I agree with her.


Now I think for residents that not having to switch sides at all would be the best but I do understand the need to move the vehicles.   


I was told we alternate sides so that the city can identify non-working cars and possible stolen/abandon vehicles and I see the point to that and I think a good compromise would be if we alternate sides based on the month of odd or even.


We would still catch the cars that are non-working cars and possible stolen/abandon while giving people some flexibility. 

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