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Cudahy Parking Rules - The Other Side of the Road

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This is from a reader:


Randy, I don't subscribe to JS, but can read your blog.  I've always found it very informative.  That said, I have something to add to your post today regarding the alternative street side parking for cars during the (off winter season).


I live on a major bus route, #15.  If it were not for the alternative side parking rule; the street sweeper would never takes the tons of garbage people leave behind....whether they ride the bus or throw garbage out their car windows, toss carryout garbage before getting into their cars or just walking and leaving garbage to fly in the wind.  Ultimately, this garbage ends up in the streets and hovers in our gutters...clogging gutters, polluting our water that enters the gutters and travels on the winds up and down our lawns and porches.  Areas near shopping and especially near bars and restaurants, people will dump car ashtrays into gutters, drop glass beer bottles (illegally taken from bars that serve by the bottle), empty their purse, pockets and cars of garbage at the curb (not limited to personal hygiene items and diapers) spreading germs throughout the air we breathe when we pass by these areas.


I applaud the effort to make life easier for anyone by bringing up this subject, but people are the problem, whether it's abandoned/broken down cars, lazy people who don't want to be responsible for their own garbage (cigarette butts included), etc.  Watch people complain 24/7 if a snow plow or street sweeper isn't getting to them fast enough!


Please feel free to post this response to your column and I hope it entices "people" to the solution and no longer the problem.


Cudahy Resident

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