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Engaging the Renters & Young Voters in Cudahy Part 1

Cudahy, Renters

Originally posted on March 7, 2010


Part 1 – The Renters


Here is an email I received from a reader:


I wanted to know what you thought about how do you encourage renters & young people to get involved in their community (when there is such a large percentage in this city) and to make an informed decision if they are unable to attend this gathering since it is being held at such an inopportune time? 


What about this being the perfect opportunity for the first time voters in high school to get involved on a more local level where they can see how much of an impact they can truly have with their community by making their voices heard thru voting.


How exciting for them to be able to cast that ballot for the first time & truly see how they can make a difference, but why would they, or better yet, why should they, if the candidates aren't willing to express their opinions in a forum that won't conflict w/school?


For the kids that are interested in voting, school is most likely an important part of their day since they realize they need to go to school to make a better life for themselves and have the ability to make a greater impact on their community, not by being a career politician...(just my .02)


First, I don’t see anything on the NEW City Website for renters/tenants or even a “Welcome to Cudahy”.  In fact, I think there is more on the City of Cudahy Economic Website then the New City Website.  I find some of it confusing and think the Econ one should just be part of the City Website.


Engaging and encouraging Cudahy renters/tenants is a very tough thing.  I was very disappointed with the over 50 renters I talked to when trying to get one of them to be on the debate panel.  Some told me the “City” doesn’t make them feel part of it.  Some told me they didn’t have time or didn’t want to be bothered.  Some said they will not be here that long, maybe a year so why become attached or put forth an effort.  Some flat out said they don’t care!


I think it is a failure of the community to not get them involved.  I think it is the failure of the “City” and City Hall for them not feeling like they are part of the city.


We need a City Welcome Committee and a Welcome package.  Get some volunteers to stop at the apartments and rental properties with city literature and talk and meet with the people.  The volunteers could be retired people.  They could be the Mayor, alderpersons or even a Cudahy High School project for students.  It has to be someone making a face-to-face effort.  Simply dropping something in the mail or a mailed newsletter will not cut it. 


What could the literature be?  Who are the City leaders?  What does Cudahy have to offer?  i.e. City services, parking, trash, health department, schools, police, fire, parks, Library, neighbor hood watch meetings, Common Council and CDA meetings, School Board meetings, voting centers, and shopping.


Add the cost of the literature, which can come right out of the budget of the Economic Director’s Budget for literature selling the city.  Since we are selling the city to our own people.  They are the biggest customers of Cudahy.  You could even get some of the local business to donate time and money and offer them the opportunity to hand them literature on their business.


I think having a face-to-face experience and the literature that even just learning who the city leaders are and where to go for services, parks, shopping and so on, the renters will feel like they are important and part of the community.


We need to so something, because doing nothing is not working! 

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