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I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. I believe in sharing my talents and experiences by giving back to the community by giving my time to coaching, church and especially to the disability community. I truly believe that all men and women are created equally.

Reprint of Why "No" to Special Needs Vouchers Part 2

My continued reasonings why I do not support the Special Needs Voucher.  From July 2011


As many of you know, I do not support the Voucher program for students with disabilities.  Here are a few comparisons between Open Enrollment, Charter Schools and Voucher Schools.

Here are some General Quality Requirement comparisons:

Are teachers required to be certified?

Open Enrollment and Charter Schools: Teachers must have a license or permit to teach issued by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

Voucher Schools: Teachers must hold a bachelors' degree but are not required to be licensed or certified by DPI.

Is the school required to follow a curriculum?

Open Enrollment: Yes, each school board will provide curriculum requirements to schools consistent with statewide educational goals and expectations.

Charter Schools: Yes, a charter school must follow the educational program described in its charter contract; it is not required to follow the curriculum developed by the local school board.

Voucher Schools: Yes, private schools must provide a "sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in reading, language arts, mathmatics, social studies and health." Wis Stat 118.165. However, the school may include or exclude topics, concepts and practices according to its relifious doctrines.

How are schools monitored by DPI?

Open Enrollment: Schools must submit yearly reports to the state superintendent that includes information about student acedemic achievement, indicators of school and district performance.  Parents may request copies of these reports.

Charter Schools: Must report to the superintendent

Voucher Schools: Schools must provide a report to DPI showing the number of Milwaukee Parental Choice (MPCP) and non-MPCP students enrolled in the school, as well as information on student and a copy of the acedemic standards in the charter contract.

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